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Social media is an ever-changing and growing tool that businesses everywhere are increasingly adding to their marketing strategy. From fast food restaurants to high end retailers and all types of services in between, the variety of businesses benefiting from social media is endless. In fact, social media is so apparent for everything today that it seems weird for a business not to have any. Is your dental practice on social media? Have you implemented Social Media Dental marketing?

Why Should My Practice Be On Social Media?

Social media is the number one activity on the web with more than 1.7 billion active users and is becoming people’s number one source for dental health information. So in order to reach these people where do you have to be? Social media! Social media can help spread more awareness of your dental practice, generate new business, provide support for customer service and improve your SEO! Creating social media accounts for your practice will allow you to stay connected to existing patients, while simultaneously spreading your name to potential patients. Friends trust recommendations from friends, for the most part. Social media pages easily allow your current patients to “share” your page to recommend to a friend who is looking for a new dentist.

To grow your dental practice you should seek professional help to manage your internet presence.

Social media is all about building relationships and maintaining them. It gives you the opportunity to show the community your practice on a more personal level by adding images and sharing posts. Since many people fear dental appointments, a personal touch can help ease the worry and make your practice the one people feel comfortable going too! Having a social media account for your practice is another outlet for people to be able to contact you. You may be surprised by how many people message dentists on social media to ask about services or appointments. 

What Should My Practice Post?

Creating social media accounts is not enough. How you use the pages and the connection you build with your audience is what will ultimately have an impact on your practice. One of the most important factors being the content you are posting and the way you are engaging your audience. Photos of the office or staff and oral tips are just some of the best things for your practice to share. Share custom images with your logo to create familiarity. When others share your posts their followers will start to continuously see the logo too. Some other ideas for posts are information about the services you offer or a link to your blog (if you have one). No matter what you are posting, keep it positive. Negativity never attracted anyone, especially to a new dentist.

About 40% of consumers say that the information they find on social media affects their health decisions. Your goal should be to build trust from potential patients and build loyalty from current patients. Post recent articles related to dentistry and give advice on dental needs to build credibility, show your knowledge and your dedication to the field.  Focus on creating shareable content. The more shares, the more your SEO ranking is positively affected.

West Palm Beach internet marketing agencies can help your dental practice grow!

Try to engage users by asking questions or their opinion about a relevant topic and respond to their insights. People will notice that you are taking the time to create conversation. The same goes for responding to people’s reviews left on Facebook, even the negative ones. 70% of people are influenced by online reviews when choosing a new dentist, so protecting your practice from words online is a must. You shouldn’t have an already prepared response handy, that takes away the personalization of it. Instead, respond to negative feedback meaningfully, kindly, and quickly. 71% of consumers who receive a quick respond on social media said they would likely recommend that brand to others, compared to the 19% who receive no response. Plus, not acknowledging any interactions will give off a negative vibe and make it seem like you don’t care, which is not a desirable trait to be connected with a dentist.

Being active on your social media pages can really have a positive affect on generating new business, so creating social media pages but not actively using them would not be in your best interest. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to social media as you would like, no worries! Our digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach is committed to helping you improve your online presence. If you would like more information or have questions about what we can do for you, feel free to give us a call at 561-429-2585 or contact us online today!

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