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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we’re not just talking about for you and your family. The holidays are also an ideal time to grow your following, increase engagement, and boost the sales of your business. There’s just one problem: every single internet marketing company is trying to give their two cents about how your business should use social media during this time of the year! Because of this, our internet marketing company has decided to help you separate the effective tactics from those that are just a waste of time. Keep reading to learn about the most effective social media marketing ideas for the holidays!

3 Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays from Our Internet Marketing Company

Holiday Idea #1: Create Jolly Images

People love anything holiday-themed during this time of the year. Use this to your advantage! Incorporate the emotions, themes, and colors of the holidays into your social media images. Furthermore, try to use bright visual images. That way, you will be able to catch the eye of your audience and stand out among the plethora of holiday posts that clog up news feeds. Lastly, always remember to post a “Happy Holidays” image from your business to show your followers that you care.

what are some good holiday social media marketing ideas from an internet marketing company

Holiday Idea #2: Spread the Joy with a Holiday Giveaway

One of the most effective social media ideas for the holidays is running a giveaway. Create a giveaway that is both holiday-themed and directly related to your business. Don’t forget to make it easy for your followers to enter and for you to track entries. For example, if you’re a shoe brand, you can ask your followers to share a pair of your shoes that they would want to wear to a holiday party. Don’t forget to ask them to tag your business page in the post so that you can find it. Then, you can randomly select a winner to get the pair of shoes that they posted. Not only does this spread holiday cheer, but it helps spread brand awareness as well.

Holiday Idea #3: Keep Things Merry with Hashtags

Placing holiday hashtags within your social media posts is a great way to drive sharing and increase visibility. Look up currently trending ones or ones that are known to bring in results. Some holiday hashtags that usually bring in large audiences include: #BlackFriday, #PerfectGift, #WishList, #CyberMonday, #HolidaySavings, etc. Additionally, it might be a good idea to create a unique hashtag for your specific holiday campaign. Branded hashtags are great for tracking campaign results and spreading brand awareness.

internet marketing company social media marketing ideas for winter holidays

Use your social media accounts to get the most of the holiday season! By doing so, your business won’t only end the year on a high note, but also start the new year stronger than ever! Get even more social media marketing ideas for your business by contacting Digital Resource! Our internet marketing company in South Florida is filled with experts in social media, website design, SEO, and so much more. Get a FREE internet marketing analysis for your business today!

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