Social Media Marketing in Boston | Getting to Know Your Audience

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One of the most important strategies for any part of successful business dealings is listening to the audience. This is especially true for social media marketing in Boston. For your company to succeed on social media, start off on the right foot and listen to yours.

Why Does It Pay to Listen?

Globally, the typical digital consumer spends an average of 1 hour and 49 minutes per day on social networks and messaging services. That translates to about 1 of every 3 minutes spent online being devoted to some sort of networking or messaging activity. Therefore, your business should be using social media marketing in Boston to identify influence in your industry and listen for social selling opportunities.

How Can I Better Listen to My Customers?

How can I listen to my audience with social media marketing in Boston?

Research where your audience is talking about your company and your industry. They can be using any channel such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Then, dig deep and really listen. Put together a list of keywords people may use about your company, your industry, and your competitors. Later, be ready to track misspellings, abbreviations, and general statements.

What Does My Business Gain?

After getting acquainted with where your business should be on social media, let analytics continually redefine who your customer is. The data that is then presented will be the bedrock for any successful marketing campaign.

Your analytics will be able to tell you detailed information on your audience demographics. This information includes facts like the percentage of men and women engaging with your company, their ages, the languages they speak, and what cities they live in. More importantly, it will let you know what your audience likes and doesn’t like. It will also tell you what content is helping your business achieve its goals. Essentially, your analytics will help you refine your content strategy. That way,  you can post about topics on social media that your followers really care about.

Who can get me better social media marketing in Boston?

Get Experts for Social Media Marketing in Boston

Digital Resource is an online marketing agency with the tool and knowledge your company needs to succeed on social media. We know how to get you better engagement to grow your brand and sales. Contact us today for a free social media marketing analysis of your business and see what our services can do for you.

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