Social Media Marketing in Miami | 5 Best Practices You Need to Know

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At this point, we’ve all heard about social media marketing in Miami. We know that it is important because when it is done correctly, it is extremely effective. But, when social media marketing is done incorrectly, it can actually be detrimental to your business. So, how do you make sure you are doing it right? Follow these 5 best social media marketing practices.

Engage with Your Customers

The most important thing to remember even before you dive into social media marketing is that social media is a tool you can use to engage with your customers.  It is all about engagement. So, when a customer reaches out to you on social media by commenting on your post–respond! Listen to your audience and engage with them.

The typical digital consumer spends an average of 1 hour and 49 minutes per day on social media networks. To get in front of these digital consumers, begin by identifying the influencers in your industry. Put together a list of keywords that your company, industry, and competitors use to engage with leads online.

The best practices for social media marketing in Miami

Optimize Your Strategy

Create your publishing strategy, then optimize it! Know when your audience is online by reading your analytics and post during that time. “The best time” to post online varies depending on who your audience is. Also, pay attention to what social media platform you are posting on. The amount of time your content will stay online varies.

Optimize Your Social Media Marketing in Miami Content

Be sure to include a call-to-action in your social media posts. This CTA should be mobile-friendly and easy to read. You should also include URLs that let you track their use, like links. Another best content practice is to A/B test your concepts with your social media audience. If you are introducing a new product, write two different contents and distribute to a small portion of your audience to see which content will be most effective.

Also, make sure your content looks native on each social media platform.  Your post on Facebook should look like it is supposed to be on Facebook. Likewise, your Instagram post should be optimized for Instagram. Also, your Google+ post should look like you created it specifically for Google+


How to decode social media marketing in Miami analytics

Understand Your Analytics

Next, you need to be able to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing in Miami. The quality of your data and the ability to understand it is the base of any successful social media marketing campaign. The data needs to be up-to-date, too.

Why do you need to understand what your analytics are saying? They can tell you a lot about your audience demographics! You can see how old your audience is, what percentage of your audience is male or female, the languages they speak, the cities they live in, and more. You can even see what your audience likes and does not like. Once you have gathered all of the analytics, create reports so the numbers are easier to read and understand.

Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Last but certainly not least, make sure you are measuring your social media efforts.  Did your efforts meet your goals? Where did you fall short? Where did you exceed your goals? Take note of your success and find out how your social media marketing efforts affected your number of email subscribers or sales.

Implementing these best practices can time and manpower. That’s where Digital Resource comes in! Contact us at 561-429-2585 so we can assist you in implementing these best practices into your social media marketing in Miami campaign!

Jules is an experienced marketing professional from Jupiter, Florida. She has experience in social media marketing, with a unique focus on dental practices. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, Jules brings professional and creative ideas to the digital marketing field.

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