Social Media Marketing in Nashville | Should I Use Pinterest Ads?

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Social media advertisements have proven to drive some great action from current followers and potential customers. However, some platforms tend to be more successful than others. Pinterest ads aren’t always deemed important for social media marketing in Nashville. But, depending on your brand, they may hold some value for you. So, keep reading to learn more about Pinterest ads:

What is a Pinterest Ad?

Just like you can promote, or boost, posts on Facebook, Pinterest allows you to promote your pins. They appear just like your typical, organic pin, making it easier to blend in with daily content. However, with promoted pins, you can add keywords and target a more specific audience that lies within your brand.

should i advertise with social media marketing in nashville

How Can I Advertise on Pinterest?

There are several calls-to-action that you can create with a Pinterest ad. The types of campaigns you can run include:

Awareness: You can promote pins to simply increase brand awareness.

Engagement: These work to engage your audience by encouraging them to re-pin your post or take a business-specific action.

Traffic: This campaign encourages Pinterest users to move over to your site, increasing traffic.

Promoted App Pin: If you have an app, you can increase installs with a promoted app pin.

Video Awareness: If you are putting out video content, you can drive impressions by creating a video awareness campaign.

do i need to have digital advertisements in my social media marketing in nashville

Do I Need Pinterest Ads?

Before you start putting money into Pinterest, you need to look at the numbers and your brand. Does Pinterest really hold a lot of value for your brand? How many followers do you have? While you can potentially boost traffic and drive online action, Pinterest doesn’t have quite as large of a business following on Facebook. So, examine your options and see which aligns best with your business’s audience.

Are You Looking to Improve Your Social Media Marketing in Nashville?

Whether you’re looking to get started with social media advertisements or simply start building your online presence, we can assist you! So, contact Digital Resource today to learn more about our internet marketing services.

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