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Blogs were once thought to be the content king. And while they’re still reigning when it comes to search engine optimization, video is proving to rule social media marketing in New York City. So, how can you get the most out of your video content? Keep reading to learn more:


how can i optimize videos for social media marketing in new york city

It’s common knowledge nowadays that YouTube is where most videos on the internet lie. It’s extremely user-friendly. And, while it can be hard to grow a following on YouTube, it can complement your other efforts. YouTube can support an array of video qualities, including 4k and 360-degree videos.

The most important parts of optimizing videos on YouTube are the description, tags, and title. Your title should be straight to the point, and can even have the keyword in the first half for easy searching. Your tags should be relevant to your video content and industry. And, lastly, your description can hold valuable written content that links out to your other social media and website.


You absolutely need to be posting your video content on Facebook. You can easily and directly reach your current customers. And, you have the ability to sponsor posts so new viewers can see your content. While you can post any format video on Facebook – as long as it’s under 150 MB – a square video takes up more real estate on a user’s page. This makes it harder for them to avoid your content. You can also generate closed captions, which are not only great for target deaf or hearing-impaired viewers but autoplay viewers as well.


how can video better my social media marketing in new york city

Instagram has now long been the place for photographers to share their flair for the creative. Now, video content is starting to find equality amongst the stills. With Instagram stories, live videos, and 60-second video posts of your choosing, you can implement video into your social media marketing strategy fairly easy. Just like your picture posts, your video posts need relevant hashtags that can reach new viewers. A square format is best so that it fits nicely into your profile’s grid, as well as take up the most space on a mobile platform.

However, when it comes to Instagram stories and live, it works a little different. Stories should be more curated with a purpose to teach or show your viewers something interesting or meaningful. By creating a schedule and sticking to it, you can create a loyal following that continues to interact with your content.

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