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When you receive a review on a social media page like Facebook, it is extremely important to respond. Don’t just let that social media marketing in Orlando review sit there! Your customer took the time to write the review, so you should return the favor and craft a response.

Now, this may be absolutely terrifying to you. What if it isn’t the right response? What if they don’t like what they hear? How do I make sure I don’t scare them away or make them even more upset?  Well, that’s where this step-by-step guide comes into play.

Read the Review

First, read the review extremely carefully.  Understand what they are praising you for or what they are saying was not so stellar about their experience. Remember, your customer wants to be heard and is expecting a response to their specific review. So, you need to fully comprehend what they are saying.

How to craft a response to social media marketing in Orlando reviews

Craft a Response

Next, create a response that specifically addresses each point the customer made. If they are saying that they loved the way your customer service representative handled the situation, thank them and tell them that you will pass along their praise. Alternatively, if they are saying they did not enjoy the way they were treated, tell them that you apologize and you will speak to that employee. Always address the problem, offer an apology, and provide a solution. You don’t want to sound like a robot, so keep your personal voice when you write this response. If they are saying something funny or witty, address that.

Also, be nice. We know this sounds silly, but trust us, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen responses to customer reviews that were just plain rude. Yes, they have even responded to positive reviews in a negative way or just didn’t respond to a stellar review at all.

If the customer is being rude, take the high road and utilize your customer service skills. Trust us, it will come back to haunt you if you don’t. What you say online typically stays online. Pro tip: If it is an extremely negative review that you believe would be best handled offline, say that. It is best not to engage in a public lengthy argument.

Review the Social Media Marketing in Orlando Response

Stop! Don’t hit send yet. Review your response and verify that you addressed all of the customer’s points. Once you are 100% sure that you are satisfied with your response, go ahead and click send.

How to use social media marketing in Orlando to amp your customer service

Stay Posted!

Nope, it does not stop there! Make sure you are there if they want to write back to your response.  If they say thank you, thank them again. If they are still upset about a negative experience, invite them to reach out to you via telephone, email, or in-person.

Crafting the correct response to Social Media Marketing in Orlando reviews is not a plug-and-go process. It is science that supports your social media strategy and we have perfected it Digital Resource.  Contact us today to get started with social media marketing and let us handle your review responses.

Jules is an experienced marketing professional from Jupiter, Florida. She has experience in social media marketing, with a unique focus on dental practices. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, Jules brings professional and creative ideas to the digital marketing field.

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