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When it comes to marketing for the healthcare field, it can be tricky. With HIPPA laws there can be a lot of roadblocks that other industries don’t have to deal with. This is especially true with social media marketing. While HIPPA laws can’t prevent potential roadblocks, they aren’t meant to stop you from marketing completely. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws so you know what you can and can’t do. Let’s take a look at some general rules of thumb when it comes to HIPPA and social media marketing in Riviera Beach.

How can HIPPA affect social media marketing in riviera beach?

HIPPA and Social Media

When it comes to staying HIPPA compliant with social media, there are few general rules of thumb to follow.

Train Your Team – Create a social media policy in place that is HIPPA compliant and then train your team so they know all the rules. This will go a long way in ensuring that you remain HIPPA compliant.

Social Media Isn’t a Medical Forum – Never use social media to practice medicine online. Just don’t do it. Not only is it unnecessary, but it’s not what social media is for.

Be Strategic When Taking Photos – Find one or two “designated photo areas” in your office for creating social media posts. Make sure these areas not only have good lighting but also don’t have anything in the background that might violate any HIPPA laws. A colorful wall is ideal in this spot.

Always Get Consent – It doesn’t matter what is in the photo and what it is being used for. If there is a patient in your photo, get their consent in writing before posting it anywhere. Standard consent forms should include:

  • What the patient is specifically authorizing.
  • The purpose of the authorization.
  • The ability to revoke the authorization.
  • An expiration date.
  • The opportunity to receive a copy, if desired.
  • Who, specifically, the patient is giving authorization to.

Who can help me with Social Media Marketing in riviera beach?

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If you run a healthcare practice and are concerned with staying HIPPA compliant, contact us today. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to running and managing social media campaigns in the healthcare field.

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