Social Media Marketing in Tampa | Which Platforms Should My Business Use?

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It is no secret that social media marketing in Tampa is a convenient and cost-effective way to reach current and new audiences. But, it isn’t always clear which platforms you should be on. And, while some are must-haves, others aren’t always worth your while. So, here is a rundown of some of the most popular social media platforms that may deserve a spot in your social media marketing in Tampa?

Who is Your Customer?

Knowing who your customer is will determine your plan of action when it comes to social media marketing. This is because different age groups use different social media. Also, within those platforms, different demographics utilize different tools. So, it is important to have a clear image of who your customer is or will be. You should know their age, lifestyle, location, and other possible interests. Then, you will be able to determine which social media platforms they will be most active on and how they will be able to interact with your content.


what type of content do i post for social media marketing in tampa

Facebook is a must-have for today’s businesses – no matter your target audience. There are nearly two billion users, so you have an easy opportunity to connect with your current customers and reach new ones. Through Facebook for Business, you also have access to an array of advertising methods. Lastly, Facebook is great for Search Engine Optimization, meaning it helps visitors find your content.


We live in a visually-driven era. There are approximately 600 million monthly users, most of which are under the age of 35. There is also an array of ways to promote your page on Instagram, and they are constantly rolling out new updates. So, just like Facebook, Instagram is great to have in your back pocket.


Twitter may be on its way out, but it still boasts nearly one billion users. That means, there is a lot of potential in terms of digital marketing. Keep in mind that the user age varies pretty drastically. So, implement the proper hashtags to make sure you are targeting potential leads.


Pinterest breeds inspiration, but not leads. Men account for less than 10 percent of users and the average age is over 35 years. This is where most women get and post ideas for lifestyle-related topics and projects. Pinterest is best if you are looking to promote content, but not expect a ton of leads from. It is also great if you are looking to create a well-rounded lifestyle brand.


do i need snapchat for my social media marketing in tampa

Snapchat is the newest out of all of the listed platforms. But, it is rapidly evolving to accommodate businesses who want to use the rapid social posting it offers. However, Snapchat is not always worth the time when it comes to a business account. Snapchat is geared toward a millennial audience. This can be viewed as limiting. It also requires a specific type of content – quick. Yes, this is quicker than Twitter and all the others. But, it is very hard to generate leads with this app. So, if you are wanting to use Snapchat, you really need to think about your purpose and what kind of content you want to put out.

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