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We all know the importance of a strong social media presence. Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform that your online presence can benefit from. However, if you post to your Instagram account daily, over time you might find it difficult to keep your Instagram posts interesting and engaging.  Below are a few tips for keeping your Instagram lively and your followers engaged. If you are in need of social media marketing in Wellington, contact us today!


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Be Creative with Layouts

Posting the same single photos can become boring. A great way to change up your Instagram posts is by experimenting with different layouts, like collages. This a useful way to showcase multiple images in one post, as well as giving your Instagram posts some variety.


Have Fun With the Boomerang Feature

A boomerang video is a fun way to break up your Instagram content. Boomerangs are perfect for showing off a quick movement, like a thumbs up from your employee of the month or cheers from a happy client.


Create a Time-lapse

A time-lapse is a quick creative way to showcase something that takes place over a period of time. Anything from an event, to a sunset, makes for an interesting time-lapse that will be sure to engage your followers. Also, the Instagram time-lapse feature doesn’t require any extra software or additional equipment which is extremely convenient.


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Do You Need Assistance with Your Social Media Marketing in Wellington?

Is your Instagram presence engaging? Instagram marketing tools are constantly changing and it’s important to keep up with them so that your content stays fresh. Do you need assistance with your social media? Hire a full-service marketing agency to ensure you don’t fall behind the learning curve. So, Contact our social media specialists today to begin improving your social media presence!


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