Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach | 5 Instagram Tips for Business

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Is your business on Instagram yet? It should be. You don’t have to be a large company to get engagement on Instagram. Instagram is a great place to share interesting photos from your business with users. Whether you are new to Instagram or you need a strategy update you’ll find five tips below to help your Instagram Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach.

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5 Instagram Tips For Business

Improve Your Profile Information

It is a good idea to go ahead and connect your company’s other social media accounts through Instagram. Instagram lets you connect your other accounts so that you can publish your new Instagram posts to other accounts automatically. Updating your bio to reflect the casual feel of Instagram is also a good idea. You don’t want your bio to be boring but make sure people can understand what your company is. Make sure to add your clickable URL to your bio, this is the only place on Instagram that you can have a clickable URL.

Humanize Your Business

The best trait of Instagram is the fact that it is so casual. Your followers want to see employee and behind the scene photos more than they want to see product or service related photos. Telling the story behind your business allows people to make that human connection and keeps them interested in your page. Take pictures during work or team events to capture the real moments behind your business. It is also important to post at times of the day when Instagram users are most active to receive better engagement.

High-Quality Photos

Instagram is unique because of the high-quality photos people are sharing every day. Make sure your photos fit in with that theme before posting them. You will receive more engagement for a high quality humanized photo versus a staged sales photo. If you are struggling with posting photos ask your followers to submit photos of them using your products. This is a low-cost way to post new content and encourage customer interaction.

Use #’s

Hashtags are a great way to get your business noticed by new people. The average post on Instagram uses at least three hashtags. It’s best to use between five to ten hashtags even though you can add up to 30. To start using hashtags first find popular hashtags in your industry so that you are more likely to pop up in people news feed. To help you discover new hashtags just use Google to search popular ones related to your industry.

Engage With Your Followers

Don’t just publish an Instagram post and not look at it again. Monitor your comments and respond to everyone that you can. It is also important to keep track of Instagram likes and follow back accounts that are relevant to your industry. You want to contribute to the Instagram community and engage with other people. Updating followers with special promotions just for Instagram followers is another way to engage with your audience. Offer them a specific discount on a product will create a buzz around your business.

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Ready to Start Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach?

Start putting these tips into action and you’ll see the power that Instagram can have on your business. Growing a following on Instagram is a difficult and time-consuming task. The upside is that there is the perfect company that focuses on Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach to help you achieve all your Instagram dreams. Contact Digital Resource today to speak with one of our social media specialists!

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