Social Media Marketing Miami | Are You Making these Common Mistakes?

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With the obvious power of a social media presence, we are seeing more and more companies use these tools to help their business. While it may seem like posting and liking other user’s comments is all there is to social media marketing, it goes much deeper than that. There are rules in place to keep these networks a fair space for everyone to interact through. These are usually unspoken rules that have a dramatic effect on your businesses social media presence. If you want to be a reputable social media source, you should take the time to develop a smart strategy. Without this, devoting human and financial resources to a social media campaign could cost you. A smart strategy includes avoiding bad practices, but what are these?


are you making these common mistakes in marketing?

Social Media Marketing ISNT Taking Content (Without Crediting)

Plagiarism isn’t just something high school kids so when they need to write a paper. Using videos or memes from other pages without giving the proper credit can get your business into a world of trouble. Social media has made it easier for everyone to share content, and the internet is filled with valuable information your business can use to their benefit. But if you’re not properly citing where you got it your business can find themselves in a dodgy legal situation. If you’re questioning whether you’re plagiarizing content, save yourself the trouble and site where you got the information from anyways. It’s better to not post anything, rather than post dishonestly taken content.

Selling too Much ISNT Helping

A smart social media marketing strategy involves your business considering what your audience wants to see, and what they don’t want to see. It has been proven that hard selling is something people do not like to see. Audiences consider it obtrusive, irritating and damaging tothe social relationship between them and businesses. Nothing has ever allowed businesses to connect so simply with their audiences as social media marketing. This is the true purpose of the platforms, so leave the blatant advertising for other marketing outlets.

Find a Balance

Adversely, not attempting to sell your business whatsoever is damaging your online presence as well. Social media can be used to build your brand reputation and awareness, but learning how to leverage this into sales is the key. A smart social media marketing strategy requires businesses to consider what turns an audience into a lead. A business can use these networks to tell their story, drive traffic to their website, and get instant feedback. Working with this information, social media is a precious tool. Knowing what makes your business great will help convert credibility into hard dollars.

Marketing Requires Metrics Maintenance

Many businesses are on devoting valuable time to social media marketing, just hoping their strategies will work. But like all marketing, social media marketing can be measured and tracked. If your business isn’t taking the time to evaluate campaign effectiveness, then you are unable to learn from mistakes. There is valuable information available for your business from measurable actions on social media networks. Tracking brand mentions, comments, referred traffic and social shares of your content are just a few examples of the metrics available to you.


are you making these mistakes in social media marketing?


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