Social Media Marketing Plan | Which Platform is Best?

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Social media provides a fantastic avenue for businesses to build their client base. However, the sheer amount of social networking sites out there today leaves some a little overwhelmed. Where do you begin? Which platforms should you utilize in your internet marketing strategy? The following should help you get a good idea of what some of the major sites are useful for. That way you can get going on a social media marketing plan and fully take advantage of the all the great resources social media has to offer.

Which Platforms Are Best to Use in a Social Media Marketing Plan?


With over 1.71 billion Facebook users, this social media channel arguably reaches the largest audience of any social network. Along with having the largest user base, Facebook also has users who spend a lot of their time really browsing the platform. They are there to connect with their friends and family, as well as connect with and research businesses. Why is this important for your social media marketing plan?

Facebook should be a big part of your social media marketing plan!

Not only can you target a large audience, but you also have a lot of versatility when it comes to Facebook. You can post pictures, links, videos and statuses, and people can react to them, like, comment or share. When your business posts engaging content, you will grow your follower base and have the opportunity to convert more Facebook fans into customers! With the advanced targeting available on Facebook, your business can grow by showing interesting content to your ideal customer! This platform is definitely not one you want to skip out on in your social media marketing plan.


If your business is active and you fill out your business’s page completely, Google+ could be one of your biggest assets. To start, Google+ has over 300 million users and you can post a variety of different types of content. Animated gifs, pictures, links, videos are just a few! This platform is similar to other social media channels in that you want to engage with potential clients through creative content. However, it does differ on a major point, which is important to consider in your social media marketing plan.

Google+ is very often ranked in search results. Because it is part of the overall Google platform, it is favored as an information source in the Google algorithm. By using keywords and having your business information on your Google+ page and posts, you are helping your business by increasing your SEO. Google+ is potentially faster getting on Google results because of this connection!


Twitter is a little different from the others in that it specializes in posts that are short and sweet. Its 140-character limit doesn’t allow for long, drawn out articles. You can generate leads by connecting with over 313 million potential clients through trending topics or hashtags. Use this to your advantage by tweeting a quick link to a recent and relevant blog. This will draw traffic to your website, and show potential customers who you are. You can also connect by giving a shout out to partners and star clients and retweeting their material. Providing a behind-the-scenes look at your business in real time will also interest followers!

A social media marketing plan can lead to increased revenue for your business!


Pinterest centers itself around sharing and posting visual content for a variety of different topics. From shoes to the latest tech, Pinterest users are diverse! What’s important to note is that with each pin you can link back to your website, which brings in more referral traffic. In the description of your pin, you can also include keywords that you want to be found for. Google takes social signals into account in its algorithm and by having a presence on Pinterest that shows what your business is about, you will be boosting your SEO. Pinterest is important in your social media marketing plan to gain more exposure with potential clients on the site and also increase your rankings in search engines.

So which of these online communities is going to help your business grow? The answer is all of them! You want your social media marketing plan to include every platform that it can. That way your business can gain exposure with the greatest number of people possible. The more exposure you have, the more traffic you can direct back to your business!

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