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In the current environment of various social media marketing strategies, there are several options for companies to choose from when creating their online approach.  Whether you plan to outsource your pages to a local agency or produce content in-house, be sure the formula used drives results.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies:


Schedule Posts

By preparing posts ahead of time a social media marketer can guarantee that a previously set goal of posts per day is reached.  This may seem counter-intuitive to some, who see social media as a live interaction.  To address this concern, allow room for spontaneous posts if there is breaking news or important updates that arise unexpectedly.  However, scheduling ahead allows a marketer to strategically communicate a message in a series of posts.  Using a social media management platform allows for scheduling status updates, videos, photos, etc. weeks or months in advance.  This is great for companies that have a planned schedule of discounts, special offers or new product releases.  Most importantly, scheduling posts helps a marketer stay organized and on track to reach goals.

what are the best social media marketing strategies for business

Unify Message Consistency


A company’s social media page should provide an experience that matches the brand’s personality.  Not having consistent messages will distort the picture that your potential clients visualize when they think of your brand.  If your social media is handled by a team of people, be sure each individual’s personality is not distorting the message.  This consistency should derive from the company slogan, mission statement and overall brand personality.  When a person chooses to follow your page, it is because the messages resonate with their own interests.  Maintaining consistency keeps your followers engaged and reduces their impulse to unsubscribe.


Follow the 80/20 Rule


Everyone knows the golden rule, but not everyone is aware of the 80/20 rule for social media.  The 80/20 rule states that 80% of posts should be informative, educational and entertaining.  While only 20% should be promotional messages about the business.  This rule is important because oftentimes businesses forget to cater to their audience and saturate their news feed with advertisements.  On the contrary going above 20% promotional messages will negatively affect the number of followers that your pages gain and retain.


Adapt Content to the Platform


Not all social media is created equal.  Different platforms have unique demographics of followers and varying methods of sharing a message.  Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr tend to skew more towards females than males.  Other social media platforms have vastly different age demographics.  Facebook began as a closed site for only college students, but now has the widest age range of users with surprisingly high engagement from older adults and senior citizens.  Furthermore, other social networks like LinkedIn are strictly for business purposes and its users have a very limited tolerance for posts that are not related to the corporate world.  Being mindful of how users engage with different social networks will allow your messaging to look natural on the platforms that the user is viewing.

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Think Long Term



Implementing social media marketing strategies is not an overnight solution to all marketing needs.  Establishing a large base of followers can be very challenging for many industries.  Oftentimes a company can go months without seeing measurable results.  Do not give up.  By maintaining consistency, regulating promotional posts, staying entertaining, informative, and adapting content to the platform your pages will grow over time.


Ready to begin?


Some businesses need assistance executing and maintaining a social media marketing strategy.  Digital Resource marketing agency specializes in social media management for companies of all backgrounds.  By using a comprehensive approach our social media strategy grows company pages and online brands.  Contact Digital Resource today to discuss a plan that meets your company’s social media needs.

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