Social Media Marketing Strategy | What to Know About Snapchat Ads

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When advertisements became available on Snapchat for business, few people were happy about it. This social media platform had already introduced a place for media outlets to post stories, but that at least was out of the way. However, Snapchats ads have opened up a new world for business social media marketing strategy.

what are the benefits of a social media marketing strategy

Snapchat ads play in between user stories. And with over 10 million users on the app every day, opening it about 18 times daily, that is a lot of viewing potential. But, what’s different than other social media platforms is that Snapchat is solely mobile. Their website gets next to nothing traffic. So, are Snapchats ads worth it? Digital marketers may be new to the platform, but there is a wealth of potential in each video or photo. Here is what you should know:

What Does Snapchat Offer?

how can a social media marketing strategy help my website traffic

Snapchat content is all about being unique – even a little weird at sometimes. But, it is all cool. Stop motion graphics, cinemagraphs (when photos are layered to make a video-like depiction), slideshows and gif-like content are some of the more creative options. All of which can last from three to 10 seconds. Not to mention, Snapchat introduced vertical videos and it has proven to be pretty successful and pushes companies to evolve. Additionally, you can sponsor customized picture and video filters. Lastly, you can link your website and app to your ad, allowing viewers to visit and download while staying in Snapchat. They’ll track all your analytics for you, too.

What Is Your Objective?

You need to focus your objective. If you don’t have a purpose, how will you know where to begin? Do you want more website traffic? Do you want to generate app download leads? Or, do you want to promote a new product? You can create content on Snapchat for a variety of reasons. This and more is possible with the array of features Snapchat advertisement offers. But, honing in on what you want to accomplish will help Snapchat assist you.

Who Do You Want to Engage?

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Snapchat is for the young. It is the pinnacle of pop culture right now. If you’re not familiar, consider looking up Snapchat stars, including DJ Khaled and Cyrene Quiamco – both of whom revamped their careers with the platform. In 2016, The Statistics Portal reported that 37 percent of users were between the ages of 18 and 24. From there, 26 percent were ages 25-34 and 23 percent between 13 and 17. So, if you’re looking to target anyone other than millennials and generation x, you’re out of luck.

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