Fine-Tuning Your Instagram Account

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  • Instagram is the 10th most popular Google search term.
  • Like counts are being hidden in 7 countries.
  • Instagram will reach 112 million users next year in the US.



Instagram can be a tough beast to control, but here we will go over some really easy ways to get a firm grip on your accounts that will yield better results in your interactions with users.


Getting to know the ins and outs of Instagram is a must for anyone looking to advertise on the social media site. With these tools hopefully, you will be able to command a better understanding and effectiveness with Instagram as a business platform.


Diligent Moderation

Clean out any unwanted interaction.

When it comes to keeping your subscribers and followers safe, one of the most important things you can do for established or new accounts is to moderate them diligently. Keep an eye out for accounts posting other ads, scams, inappropriate comments or anything else that could tarnish your image. The idea is to create a safe area for your users to feel like they are being watched out for.


Certain industries can attract undesirable users from across the web to post harassment and other negative comments that can hurt your image and the perceived value of your brand. Be sure to keep an eye out and not let these kinds of comments sit un-moderated for too long. Moderation becomes important as your online following increases in size, but even small or new accounts can be prone to trolls and unsavory characters from all around the Internet.

Engage Users

Show them you’re still there.

Be sure to check in regularly with all of your accounts to respond to users and build up your reputation as a brand. By taking the time to regularly check-in and respond to messages, comments, posts, etc. keeps up the image that your page is very active and that you care about this account. This will help you retain the followers you already have while drawing new ones.


Trustworthiness is incredibly important for businesses advertising over Instagram because social media markets can be saturated with fake or counterfeit merchandise and brands. Showing your followers that your brand is honest and present will go al long way in helping to craft the image of your brand. Another great way to build up interactions and foster a positive image is to ask followers and commenter’s questions and listen to their answers. This will make your company seem available to the concerns of your customers and much more able to help those that need it from your company


Regular Posting

Keep a steady schedule and respond to events.

Keeping up appearances is especially for advertisers looking to use Instagram or any other social media platform. It is incredibly important to post regularly and intelligently, to show the world and your followers that your page exists and is active in the current discourse, trends, etc. This will keep you ahead of the game and better able to respond to changes in the market.


Responding to these changes with urgency will keep you in the loop and make your page seem more responsive in general. Keeping this appearance contributes to your overall perceived value and will help establish you as a credible brand. Perceived value is key to any online presence because it impacts how the community views you as a brand and how much trust they place in you as a business. People are much more likely to spend money on a brand or company that they trust will deliver results that are advertised.


Quality Content

Write what they want to read.

One thing to keep in mind with Instagram is that like with twitter, you only get so many characters before a piece of text is too long, so keep in mind that you should be creating high-quality content that is both short and easy to read. Paragraphs of content might be great for a website or other format, but Instagram posts should be short and sweet. Be sure to also use only branded photos so that your brand gets more attention form your posts.


Many advertisers these days seem to be concerned with quantity over quality, but no quantity can overshadow the negative effects of poor quality content. When it comes down to the sales and clients that matter, quality content will be there for you to answer questions and establish trust little by little. Better content will always yield higher results but more content can have mixed results if there is not sufficient quality.

what is content personalization?

Location Data

Show them where to find you.

One of the most powerful tools that Instagram gives us is location data, and how it targets users and content with this data. Location tagging your post will make them easier to find for users in your area or users that are searching by location. Location data is key because targeting is such a useful tool for advertisers. Many different kinds of content can be tagged with location data like pictures, text, and video, all working towards localizing your content and building your brand within the local community of users within a range of miles.


Targeting allows us to primarily show ads to those who have already demonstrated an interest in a certain product or service, and target ads accordingly, reducing ad dollar waste and increasing efficiency. Targeting is one of the most efficient tools for advertisers precisely because it filters out users who would most likely not be interested in a product or service, saving time and money. Be sure to tag locations in every single post you make using Instagram, and you will see an uptick in activity near your tagged location.


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