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So you’re establishing your business’s presence on social media, boosting content on Facebook and staying on top of Twitter trends. Now you’re turning your attention to Pinterest. You might already be a casual pinner in your personal life. In regards to your business, however, you’re asking yourself one question. Is Pinterest worth including in your social media strategy?

While Pinterest is by no means a quick path to internet popularity, it is a perfect example of slow and steady wins the race. This evergreen social network isn’t a one-trick pony of followers, likes, and shares. Pinterest helps SEO as well.

Is Pinterest included in your social media strategy?

Optimize Your Profile

Let’s start at the beginning. First off your business’s profile needs to be verified and complete. This establishes some credibility and makes you easier to find. You want your business’s name to be your account and username. Your description should be informative, readable, and plumped with keywords. Your pins should follow suit.

Make it as easy as possible for people to discover and share your pins. Stick to vertical images, as they are easier to view on mobile. Descriptions should be short, sweet, and to the point. In those descriptions, you can include hashtags to make your pins even easier to find, but don’t overdo it. While they have their place, too many can make reading difficult and turn users off.


Does your social media strategy include Pinterest?

One of the most important ways that Pinterest can boost your SEO is back-linking. Each pin allows followers to click back to your business’s website. This is HUGE! Don’t waste this opportunity! You know the basic anatomy of a good pin, now hit it home by tying them into your business. Post high-res, applicable images that make people want to find out more on your site.

If content is high-quality, relevant, and easy to share, then people will share it. No cheap tricks. Just good, old-fashioned reach that increases the traffic going back to your website organically. This goes a long way toward the success of your social media strategy.

Engage Other Pinners

Your profile is all set up and you’ve been putting out some great pins, now you have to go out and be active on the posts of others. Commenting on pins that are relevant to your audience boosts your online presence, as well as giving you even more opportunities to link back to your site. Followers of other blogs will see your responses and surf over to your own blog for more.

Pinterest helps SEO through engagement in other ways as well. By communicating with other users in your social sphere, search engines learn to associate your business with the topics you discuss. Search engines take social signals from Pinterest, and this association between your business and trending topics leads to a higher ranking on Google!

Should You Include Pinterest In Your Social Media Strategy?

Ue Pinterest in your social media strategy!

Results from Pinterest are not quickly gained, but once built they become an indispensable part of your social media strategy. Pins stay up forever and with a growing user base of over 100 million prospective clients to find them, Pinterest is a long-term champion of SEO potential.

If you want to learn more about how Pinterest boosts SEO, give our social media marketing company a call at (561) 429 2585 or reach us online today! Our specialists can manage all of your social networking to help grow your business!

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