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One of the first things that come to mind when talking about new social media tactics is video. Video has become one of the best ways to engage and retain viewership. Much more so than a simple status update. For example, Facebook video on average reaches 135% more Facebook users organically than a photo does which is an older social media marketing tactic. This is huge in terms of potential growth. All the major social media platforms allow you to upload videos your profile and video is the most consumed type of content online. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to incorporate video content into social media.


The newest trend in using video on social media is live streaming. Live streaming is similar to a live broadcast you see on TV only it is on social media. Let’s go over some of the analytics of video on social media and what it all means. A projection made by CISCO suggests that videos will account for 80% of consumer traffic online by 2020. This makes sense because according to Facebook over 100 million hours of video are watched each day on their site. That just shows how many potential new customers can be reached with properly placed ads.


Only 60% of marketers use videos and only 14% use live videos. Apparently, not a lot of marketers are utilizing video enough. That is kind of concerning since video is the most consumed content online. Don’t be too concerned though because the market is beginning to catch on. 73% of marketers claim they plan on increasing their video usage.

Video Watching Behavior

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As fast-paced as our society is it would make sense attention span is not very long on videos. Videos that are 2 mins long have the best engagements. 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video will stick around and watch for 10 seconds. This is the most pivotal time to capture the attention of your audience. Considering just over half of users online consume video content regularly you want to make sure you can retain the consumers attention.

Video Ads

Since you have to overcome the hurdle of short attention spans, you have to come up with new tactics to keep your audience interested. One of the simplest ways you can increase your viewer retention time is by placing the caption in your video. This can be anything from using the title of the video to inserting closed captioning. Adding caption increases your view time by an average of 12%. The social network that has the best viewership retention is Snapchat. You are 2x more likely to capture visual attention than Facebook ads, 1.5x then Instagram and 1.3x then YouTube.

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A surprisingly effective yet old social media tactic is updating your status. Using text in your post is the second highest way to reach more people organically at a rate of 5.8%. The video is 8.7%, link posts are 5.3% and the photo is 3.7%. Sometimes simple can be better.

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