Social Media Tips for Interior Designers

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Since its debut, social media has opened up a lot of doors for businesses. Brand awareness that once needed to be spread by word of mouth or a physical advertisement can now be spread digitally. That’s why as an interior designer, you should be utilizing social media to your advantage. If you’re already on social media, here’s how you can improve it this year. If you’re not utilizing social media yet and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! We have some great social media tips for interior designers that could be game-changing for your business.

Social Media Tips for Interior Designers

Focus on Visual Content

 One of the most important social media tips for interior designers is to focus on visual content. As an interior designer, you should know that visual content is more important than any other kind of content. From colors to spacing, your entire business pretty much relies on visuals. So before you begin using social media to bring in more business, start racking up some great visual content.

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You can invest in a high-quality camera or use your iPhone to take photos that could further build your brand. This means taking photos of your finalized living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, behind the scenes work and even selfies of yourself amongst it all, as people always like to put a face with a business. Be sure to use good lighting and make sure each photo or video is bright, clear and visually pleasing. And don’t be afraid to do some extensive photo editing.

Choose the Right Platforms

What are some social media tips for interior designers

Due to the importance of visuals for an interior design company, you must make sure you’re using platforms wisely. Facebook is the most popular social network, so it’s necessary that your business can be found there. Facebook is great because it allows you to have your website, your phone number and even your reviews on your business page. But unlike some other platforms, Facebook focuses a lot on written content. So as an interior designer, you can share things such as helpful information and testimonials.

Instagram is another great platform for interior designers. Instagram almost entirely focuses on visual content, so it’s a good spot to showcase photos or videos of your work. Pinterest is very similar, and home décor is a huge trend. In addition to sharing your own work, Pinterest is a great place to provide tips and tricks about interior design, such as DIY projects.

The last platform to use for your interior design company is YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine? That’s why it’s a must for your business. Because YouTube is strictly videos, consider doing interviews and/or walk-throughs of your work. You can even link back to these videos on your other platforms, such as Facebook.

Engage with Users

The last of our social media tips for interior designers is to engage with users. Your goal in using social media is to grow a fan base. But if you want a growing fan base, it’s important to maintain strong connections with people. Be sure to respond to all comments, messages, good reviews, bad reviews, etc. This will show people that you care what they have to say. It will also encourage them to interact more with your business in the future. You can even go as far as to like and comment on other people’s posts. If you engage on a personal level with users, a solid fan base is likely to follow.

Get Started on Your Social Media Today

After reading these social media tips for interior designers, you should have a better understanding of how you can hop on the social media train. But if you’re too busy working on projects or simply aren’t social media savvy, contact Digital Resource today! We are an internet marketing company that would love to help your interior design business grow. Reach out to our team of internet marketing specialists to learn more!

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