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With 100 million daily active Twitter users, Twitter is a great platform for businesses to gain new customers and increase brand exposure. If your business is on Twitter, you are probably pretty familiar with tweeting, following, and hashtags but that’s not all that Twitter has to offer. There are a few social media tools available on Twitter that you may not be familiar with, so keep reading! By the end of this blog you will have new knowledge about how you can use Twitter for your business.

Twitter Polls

Twitter polls add a spin on just posting a regular Tweet. Posting a poll is just as simple as posting a normal tweet, except you have options to fill in up to 4 responses. Once you send out your Twitter poll, people have the option to easily click on their desired response and remain completely anonymous. You will only see how many total people voted, not the specific people who did. Also, if someone retweets your poll any votes they gain are directly added to your original post. The last thing you get to decide about your poll is the length of time it stays open for votes. Polls can be set to last anywhere from 5 minutes to 7 days. So how can Twitter polls be beneficial to my business?

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Using Twitter polls for your business can provide a number of advantages like gaining consumer insight and opinions. If you are curious about how people feel about a certain product or want to change something about your business, what better way to help make a decision than ask consumers directly. This also shows your audience you’re interested in their opinion and want to hear from them. This leads to increased engagement. Twitter polls encourage users to engage and interact with your post which is always a plus. They can also be used for market research. If your business is curious about certain consumer habits, conducting a poll could give you just the feedback you’re looking for. Twitter polls give you the opportunity to get to better know your audience, which will help you create the content they want to see. Lastly, using Twitter polls is a nice switch up from just a normal tweet. It adds some fun and variety to your Tweets to keep users interested in your posts!

Twitter Analytics

One of the other great social media tools that Twitter offers is Twitter Analytics. This tool allows you to track your performance on Twitter and helps you better understand the content you share. The home page of your Twitter Analytics dashboard is basically a summary of your performance each month, or as Twitter says it’s your “Twitter report card.” A more narrowed view of your performance can be found on the Tweet Activity dashboard. Here, you will be able to see metrics for every single tweet you’ve posted. These metrics include the amount of impressions, engagements, and the engagement rate. By being able to access all this information, you have the insight you need to better your posts. Analyze what tweets did the best or if you are able to find some sort of pattern, you will be able to use this to your advantage in future posts. Twitter Analytics gives you the necessary information you need to be able to test new things on Twitter, which is the perfect way to better your Twitter presence overall.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter ads can be used for a variety of reasons including: to build an audience, increase website traffic and sales, promote your app, or increase brand awareness. In general, Twitter ads are designed to help you get the results you want and results that add value to your business. With Twitter’s targeting options, your business is able to get seen by the right people. There is a variety of targeting options ranging from language, gender, interest, behavior, and more. These advanced targeting tools are designed to help your business reach your goals. You are also able to track your ads and measure performance. You can use that information to better each of your future ad campaigns.

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