Social Media Updates | Why Can’t I Edit My Facebook Link Previews?

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Facebook marketing for blogs is golden. If you have a blog, Facebook is the best way to spread the word. It also helps business and website owners build SEO and help establish quality metadata. But, there are seemingly daily social media updates. If you’re posting links, you may notice a change. Facebook no longer supports customized preview text. Meaning, you cannot change a title, the image or any supplemental text of a link preview.

So, Why is This Changing?

what Facebook social media updates happened recently

Fake news. No – seriously.  Facebook has become a hotbed for the spread of uninformed articles that perpetuate false facts. And they are cracking down. The feature was shut down for most users mid-July, but they are just now seriously feeling the effects.

But, What Exactly Are They Doing About It?

Facebook recognizes that many businesses “have workflows that rely on overwriting link preview metadata,” and is working to provide solutions. So, if you are a media publisher, you can take ownership of links from your own domain. More specifically, you can authorize the modification of link attachments by Page. But, note that you may not have access to this feature as it exclusive to some publishers. The link modification restriction will affect publishers by September 12, 2017. And, multiple Pages can have access granted to this authorization.

What About the Rest of Us?

how will Facebook social media updates affect all users

Over the next coming months, Facebook will be analyzing the evolution of content customization. This means they will be adjusting the feature and seeing how they can assist other business users who have been impacted. If you believe that you should be one of the few accounts that maintain edit-priveledges, contacting Facebook directly is your best bet at this point in time.

What Can I Do to Make Unique Posts Now?

Don’t worry! You can most definitely still create a custom caption. Make sure your captions are specified, unique and to the point when you are curating a link with a post. You can even toss in some strong, industry-relevant keywords and phrases to build up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is generated via social media.

Want to Learn More About Social Media Updates?

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Digital Resource’s internet marketing staff is on top of all social media updates! From Facebook to Instagram to SEO, we can help curate a digital marketing strategy that blows the competition out of the water. One of our consultants can assist you in building an online presence and generating leads. So, contact us today to learn how your business can utilize Facebook marketing.

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