South Florida SEO | Practices to Avoid for Small Businesses

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In the early days of search engines, building a website was also a new process. The use of keywords helped to navigate people to your web page, and you tried to keep everything simple. Today, everyone uses Google. And with it, the emphasis on how your business could be seen grew. Unethical manipulations of the system emerged, but thankfully Google kept up and penalizes these practices. Even so, there are an amazing number of websites still using ‘old’ or ‘bad’ SEO practices. SEO does not need to be an overwhelming process, but there are practices to avoid ensuring your web page ranking doesn’t suffer.

what SEO practices to avoid

Using as Many Keywords as Possible

We all know keyword stuffing is a bad practice. Google doesn’t appreciate it and takes notice. As a reader, we understand it isn’t entertaining to read a web page oversaturated with the same keyword again, and again. So where should the line be drawn then? To have a successful SEO strategy the practice of writing for your audience, not search engines, is a helpful baseline. Instead of worrying about keyword density, concern your web page with having the best content your audience can find. Natural variations of your keyword will also help Google find your page, thanks to the use of latent semantic indexing. This will ensure you receive the organic traffic your website deserves.

Duplicate Content

While more web pages would seem like the logical solution to increase your traffic, do not duplicate your content. This practice is when you have the same content on multiple pages of your site, or your same content is on another site. The downside of the practice is search engines are not able to effectively sift through your web page. If you have your audience directed to the same content while searching different topics, your page looks redundant and unhelpful. Users never like leaving one search result page and landing on another one which does not give the user the right info. Successful SEO strategies rely on giving your audience and search engines the information they need as efficiently as possible. Duplicating your content is not doing anyone favors, and is only going to hurt your SEO ranking.

Bad Linking

The more links to your site, the better, right? No. While there are many easy ways to build links quickly such as purchasing backlinks, it will not do your web page any favors. Your SEO strategy will benefit if you acquire links organically. Link building has been and still is a solid foundation for SEO campaigns. However, any SEO value from link building depends on the authority of the site you’re linking with. Any site your web page links with that is penalized will now cause you a penalization. You could easily ruin your site ranking by linking with pages partaking in unethical practices. Link building is still alive and well, but don’t try it with the wrong web pages.

what seo practices to avoid

Choose the Wrong SEO Company

Considering how many different aspects there are to a successful SEO strategy, the best place to start is an effective and proven team to assist you. The most important thing to understand is that SEO is only the beginning of your companies overall marketing strategy. There has been a significant change to the way Google ranks web pages, and an experienced team can help you navigate these. A reputable SEO company will have specific tactics that need to be employed to ensure your web page rank. If you are thinking about hiring an SEO company to help you rank well, be sure to research.


SEO isn’t a short-term process that can be tricked into success. It is a long-term strategy that takes into account multiple factors. When looking for the best result from your South Florida SEO, you need to contact our team of experts. Contact Digital Resource today to learn how we can help your business succeed online.

With a degree in Marketing Communications from Florida Atlantic University, Jessie is truly a creative thinker. She has a passion for customer service and a background in account-based marketing. Her goal is ensuring the utmost level of professionalism, creativity and support throughout your digital marketing experience.

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