South Florida Digital Marketing | Using Keywords for SEO Success

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We want you to be able to stay ahead of the game in order to optimize your website for visibility. Also, it is beneficial for you to include SEO-centered keywords that will enhance your South Florida digital marketing strategy!

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What Can I Do to Maximize SEO?

1. Research Keywords

For starters, always research keywords in order to effectively optimize your SEO visibility. You can begin by researching which keywords your competitors are using and tailoring it to your own campaign.

Remember, keywords are related to products or services your company provides as well as locations that you cater to!


2. Header

Next, make sure that the chosen keyword is located in the header or title of the page. Many people are unaware that the larger your heading, the more saturated your SEO score will be in terms of search engine relevancy.


3. Image Alt-Text

Moreover, it is important to include keywords in the images that are posted on your web pages. The keyword must be followed by a “buzzword” that predicts what users will type in the search bar, so your website will show up on the first page.


4. Meta Descriptions

Furthermore, meta descriptions are essential for higher rankings on Google. So, enable an SEO tool into your pages that measures the quality of your SEO tactics. Make sure that the keyword exists in the page URL, identify your keyword, and in the meta description as well. The description is a brief preview to users on search engines describing what the content is about.


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Do You Need the Latest South Florida Digital Marketing Services?

Last but not least, we make it a priority to get you on top of the latest tips for SEO optimization. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today to learn more about our instant SEO scan!

Tapkannia is a graduate of Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She enjoys being a part of a team working on media and digital marketing strategies. She finds solace in the written word and producing quality content.

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