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South Florida internet marketing can be a big undertaking. If you’re doing your own, you are most likely balancing several accounts while generating content and making sure it is Search Engine Optimization-friendly. And, chances are you are overwhelmed. But there are so many tools out there that can make managing all of your accounts a breeze. Here are a few instruments that are worth looking into:

Social Media Posting Tool

how can social media better south florida internet marketing

If you are running several accounts at once, it can be a pain to be on your phone and computer all day. Having a place to schedule your posts in addition to having access to all accounts at once is a lifesaver. Hootsuite is a very popular posting platform and can offer you insights and analytics. Pay attention to your numbers, see when the most people are viewing your content and schedule posts for then.

Keyword Planner

Keywords are still the king of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, how do you know what keywords and phrases are worth your while? Keyword planners like SpyFu and Google Adwords can provide a ton of information on which words and phrases to highlight. They can also show you examples of the top posts on the web using said keywords and phrases. This can be super insightful when it comes to content creation. Purchasing one of these can change the digital marketing game for your business.

Email Platform

should i use email in my south florida internet marketing

Email marketing is super time-consuming. But if your business is taking the time to do it, you absolutely need an online platform. MailChimp is probably the most popular. You can import your own designs or use their designing features. They also allow for website and social media integration so that you can be bringing in new subscribers wherever your brand lives on the internet. Then, you can see who viewed what in your newsletter and when.

Communication Platform

If social media and digital marketing is the main point for some of your employees, they might be working remote on some occasions. A text does not always cut it and messages can get jumbled in other chats. So, a platform like Slack can help streamline important messages into their own channels. You can also add bots to channels that perform different, useful tasks. This allows you to keep track of what’s going on in your company throughout the day and makes it easier to remember everything that needs to get done in a day, week or month.


do i need analytics with south florida internet marketing

The only way to properly track what’s going on in your digital accounts is through analytics. Social media business accounts have their own insights. Then, Google Analytics offers a plethora of information about who is viewing you and how they’re doing so.

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