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Businesses are always trying to implement the newest South Florida web development trends into their website design. Many businesses make the mistake of designing their website but not updating it when new trends gain traction. This can lead to your business losing out on potential sales. Keep reading to learn the top 2017 web design trends!

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2017 Web Development Trends

Video Integration

Everybody loves video content. It’s easy to digest and easily shareable. A recent report from Google predicts that 74% of all web traffic in 2017 will come from video. That’s almost three-quarters of internet traffic worldwide! Integrating video into your website design will only increase your traffic and the likelihood you will be discovered by new customers. Websites in 2017 will feature more high-quality full-screen videos aimed at portraying a captivating message.

“Mobile First” Understanding

Mobile traffic has increased dramatically this year. If your business has not already optimized for mobile you are missing out on hundreds of potential customers. Major brands have already put this in place, but smaller businesses are still just starting out. Not having a mobile integrated website does leave you out of the competition, but it’s more than just optimizing. You need to develop the design of your website around mobile devices by making sure you can easily navigate the website on a mobile device.

Bold Typography

Typography is a big deal these days in terms of paper products and that phenomenon is quickly transitioning to the digital landscape. Offline and online marketing are beginning to merge and implementing interesting typefaces will set you a part of the competition. Dramatic heads and custom text on a website is the way of the future. There is also a trend of increasing body content size that is capturing customer attention. Using bold typography on your website allows you to draw the customers eye where you want.

Negative Spacing

Negative space is the white space surrounding the outside 1/5th of the website design. Businesses are now giving their websites room to breathe and to draw customer attention to certain areas. This trend has been around for a while and many small businesses have been adapting websites to include negative spacing.

Vibrant Color Usage

Vibrant colors like violet, lime green, turquoise, and yellow are taking small business websites by storm! These colors are being used to capture people’s attention and stand out among competitors. These colors are being used with bold typography to create a customer experience catering to their desires. Grabbing user’s attention is necessary for them to stick around on your website.

Faster Load Times

This trend has been around for a while but is increasing because of the demand for high-quality content. Customers want high-quality content but they want it quicker than ever before. Don’t leave your website unchecked for plugin updates or your website could lose traffic from slow loading times.

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