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With Instagram passing one billion installs on Android devices alone, you might be wondering how to make your business shine brighter than all the others trying to get noticed online. If you’re unsure of how to stand out on social media, here are four tricks to get you started on the path to virtual stardom



Use Gifs

The first trick is using gifs! Gifs aren’t going out of style any time soon. Using them makes your business appear current, relevant, and up with the times. People like companies that are as hip and in-the-now as they are. They follow businesses that utilize the same trends they use in their personal lives.

Gifs are an especially good example of a popular trend. Everyone loves them. Why? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a million. They emote better than still images alone, and conveying emotion is an important part of connecting with potential clients. Gifs make your business look relatable, rather than cold and corporate.

Use gifs to stand out on social media

Be Funny

One of the reasons gifs do so well in posts is because they’re funny. Comedy is quite possibly the best way for a business to reach an audience. Psychologists even describe laughter as social grooming. It fosters closeness and contributes to group bonding. People inherently gravitate to things that make them laugh, and they share those things with their friends. Use this to your advantage by incorporating humor into your social campaign.

Another reason to be comical on social media is that people remember jokes better than they remember informational ads. In fact, in a psychological test, subjects forgot negative memories 60% of the time. Only 42% of positive memories were forgotten. If you want to be top of mind for a long time, funny is definitely the way to make you stand out on social media.

Memes help you stand out on social media!

Be Relevant

Humor is a great social media tool, but don’t lose your brand’s identity along the way. Know your audience. If your clientele is an older crowd, they will have a different reaction to your posts than millennials. The goal is to attract a larger following, yes. Just make sure you remember who is going to benefit most from your services, and tailor your posts to them.

No matter how trendy you are, you can’t lose sight of your true purpose—growing your business! Don’t simply post random memes. Post things that relate back to your company. You always want to bring people back to your business. You’ll truly stand out on social media when users associate fun and engaging posts with your brand.

Engage Back

Now you have users liking and commenting on your excellent posts. Great! What now? Engage back. You’ve hooked potential followers, now you need to reel them in by showing that you’re active. Users want to feel like their voice is heard. By responding to your engagement, you’re making potential clients feel like people, rather than numbers. It makes your business appear personable, which goes a long way toward making you stand out on social media.

How do you stand out on social media?

Stand Out on Social Media

If you don’t want your brand to get lost in the sea of businesses on networking sites, then these four tricks will help you stand out on social media. Respect the power of the gif. Remember to embrace humor in your posts. Know your audience and be relevant to their needs, and always respond to engagement on your page.

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