Strategies to Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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Have you created a new blog? That’s great! But creating the blog is only half the battle. You also need to get traffic to it. It is useless to develop fantastic content if no one gets to read it. So it is essential to look for ways on how you can increase traffic to your blog.

How can I drive more traffic to my website?

In this article, you’ll learn five strategies on how to get more traffic to your blog. These strategies are based on existing case studies, so they are proven to work.

A Word of Warning: Before you go and increase your traffic, remember that traffic is not everything. You may like seeing the spike in numbers in your Analytics tool, but this will hardly amount to anything unless it translates into sales. Remember that when you proceed. 

With that aside, here are the strategies.  

Frequent Publishing

One of the quickest ways to get more traffic to your blog is through frequent publishing. This is where you set up a publishing schedule and try to publish as many posts as you can. This worked for the case study by Tresnic Media when they published 50 posts in 25 days. Because of this, they were able to increase their blog traffic by as much as 1000%

Here is what they did. They set up a schedule to publish two posts per day for 25 days. When a blog post goes live, it is immediately promoted in social pages as well. This means that when a blog post is published, it is also disseminated on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. When they did this, it resulted in an influx of traffic to the blog. 

It seems that one of the secrets of blogging traffic is consistency. As long as you have a regular publishing schedule, you’ll get more traffic. You may even observe that your traffic increases when your post is new and then settles down. 

Another benefit of frequent publishing is that it can also help your website in terms of SEO. The search engines love new content. The more you update your website, the more content the search engines will have to pick up and crawl. This will give you SEO plus points that will allow your website to rank higher on the search engines.

NOTE: It is important to note that blogging is not just all about traffic. While there are case studies that confirm this increase in traffic from frequent publishing (As evident in Be a Better Blogger’s Case Study where they found that social engagement increase by 84% and comments increase by 114% through frequent blogging), you have to note that it does have its downsides. The case study pointed out that one thing that is diminished when you create posts on a too frequent basis is social proof. This may seem okay when you have multiple authors. But each post will not have enough comments or shares. This is not good in terms of social proof for your audience will see that your content will not have engagements. So it is important to balance things out and publish posts in a frequent schedule but allow yourself to promote it with enough time for it to gain engagements. 


Remember when marketers say that you need to get to know your customers so that you can give them exactly what they need? You can apply that to writing blog posts, as well. Before you can create blog posts that will attract your target audience, you need to know what they want. You can only do that through reverse-researching.

Reverse-researching is looking at what your successful competitors are doing to lure in the market. With tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs, you’ll be able to uncover content that has enough social shares and backlinks. From here, you’ll have an idea of the type of content that your audience is looking for, and you can go ahead and do that. It is crucial not only to take note of the topic. You should also take note of the structure and the responses to the content. 

This is how Crazy Egg solved the problem. Given the challenge of an old domain name, a low number of visitors, and backlinks with zero social media presence, they were able to increase traffic to the blog by 80% through competitor analysis, and they did this in 6 months. From here, a content strategy is crafted and implemented. But it is again done consistently. The only difference is that the type of content is crafted based on the need of the audience. 

NOTE: Reverse-researching is helpful for you to uncover new topics. But it is essential to create a unique article from it. Don’t just copy what you see. You must create your content. This means that instead of merely rewriting, you should also insert your ideas into your content. This is the only way this strategy will work. 

Influencer Outreach

The number of backlinks that your content has is no longer that important. It is the quality of the more critical links. This means that if your blog’s brand is present on reputable websites, you’ll get higher search engine rankings and consequentially more traffic and sales. One of the easiest ways to do this is through influencer outreach. Instead of going the traditional route and manually submitting your blog to directories and social channels, it may be better to create content that is worth mentioning and looking for the right people to promote them. 

For this, you can have multiple approaches. 

One way to do this is to have a piece of content and approach an influencer to ask them if you can make a guest post. While mass guest posting is frowned upon, guest posting still works if you do it the right way. The key is to not pay for them. You should look for blogs that are looking for content and give them what they need. 

Another way to do this is through reverse engineering. A technique that is quite popular is the Skyscraper technique from Brian Dean. This technique involves looking at the existing content and looking for errors within the material. From here, you can propose your site as the substitute for the link that no longer works. This is effective because the website owner is usually thankful for your effort in pointing out links that no longer work on their website. Another way is to look for existing content where your content ‘fits.’ This means that the author can put backlinks on your page. You can then look for these authors and contact them. You can then show them the resource that you have made and ask them if it is worth linking. If they liked it, they would often promote you.

Ecommerce requires a different approach. Websites like the Best Drum Set Labs need the power of influencers. You may want to get the influencer’s favor by granting them some exclusivity. This can be a simple discount code, or you can collaborate on exclusive products. This is great for attracting new buyers to an eCommerce website, and the influencer will be happy to promote you because of the exclusive offer. The best part is that this can eventually stop shopping cart abandonment. Influencer marketing provides social proof. This shows that your brand can be trusted, thus encouraging customers to proceed with their purchases. 

Create Viral Content

Perhaps one of the best ways to get massive traffic to your blog is through viral content. Many bloggers are striving for this, and even famous bloggers continue to look for ways to go viral. While there is no formula on what goes viral, there is still a way to increase the likelihood that it will happen. You can do this by creating content that attracts shares.

An example of this is the curated list. This is where you create a list of resources based on the content. You can combine this with an in-depth guide and mention multiple resources in one guide. After that, you can content the authors of the resources that you shared. You can then ask them to share your page for you. 

Another list is the Experts list. This is where you create a list of all ‘experts’ in the niche. From here, you can reach out to them and tell them that you mentioned them. It is essential to include as many experts as you can. Don’t just stick with the top ten. You can add as much as 50 to 100. This will allow you to have several brands promoting your list. 

Another type that gained success is the infographic. One company that acquired 1,000 backlinks from one infographic is the Renegade Pharmacist. This is an infographic on what happens when you drink a can of coke. It went viral and instantly gave the website a massive amount of backlinks. 

What types of content drive the most traffic?

As you can see, the nature of viral content is not based on an interesting topic or a catchy headline. Instead, it is based on how many people you can encourage to promote a piece of content. The more people you can convince to do it for you, the more viral a piece of content will be. 

Referral Marketing

If you want to harness the power of compound promotion, you’ll appreciate referral marketing. This is a system that you can set up to attract new visitors to your website. It is a system that allows your customers to invite other people to visit your page in exchange for a reward. When you have this, your customers are motivated to promote you, for they will get something in return. But since they will be promoting your brand to their family and friends, they have a higher chance of convincing them actually to visit your website. 

This works because of the power of trust. People tend to believe their family and friends, even if their claims are not supported by evidence. They are more open to try things or visit webpages that their friends or family referred to them. Keeping this in mind, you’ll know that having a referral program is essential to get more traffic to your blog. It will help more people discover your blog, and it will eventually increase your traffic. 

Referral marketing is easy if you have referral software. With it, you can set up a referral program in a few clicks. Unlike traditional programming, where you have to think about coding and database to set this up, you only need to follow the walkthrough and watch your referral program get launched in a few clicks. It is essential to choose a compatible software with your website platform. If you are using an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, you will need a WooCommerce affiliate plugin to launch your referral program. The same is true for Shopify. For that, you will need a Shopify app. 

Once you have your software, it is time to set up your referral program. Here, you need to set up the reward. You need to choose among the different types of awards available. You can give away some cash, a discount code, a freebie, or another. Then, you also need to choose who to reward. You can pay your referrers or the referral. You can also choose to reward both. You should decide on these before you launch your referral program. A company doing an awesome job at referral marketing is hunting bow Labs which helps companies to find hunting bows.

Remember, Traffic is Not Everything

Getting more traffic to a blog is essential. It will help your blog get more readers, and it will eventually help you get more exposure for your content. It is useful for building your brand, but it will not translate to money in your pocket unless you know how to convert this traffic into sales. But you are done with the first part of the problems of having a blog. You now know how to attract people to it. You will no longer create content and pray that it succeeds. You know how to find people and direct them to your blog. From here, you can learn ways on how to increase your conversions, which will help your business get more sales. 

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