Surefire Techniques Guaranteed to Promote Your Facebook Page

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  • Facebook has more than 2.32 billion active users every month
  • Since the start of 2019, India has the highest number of active Facebook users (300 million) surpassing the US at 210 million users
  • 68% of Americans are hooked on Facebook

There is no denying that when it comes to the battle of social media platforms Facebook scales at the #1 spot with over 2 billion monthly active users. It’s not surprising why business owners are spending so much of their time on Facebook making their brand known and growing their audience. So, what’s the catch? Well, when you are talking about billions of active users, that statistics also include billions of business owners. It’s safe to say that making a name on Facebook is not as easy as it looks.

In a sea of Facebook business pages, how do you make your page known? How are you going to promote it to get your audience to notice you? We’re not talking about marketing ads here (although that would help) but rather show you how to engage your audience and encourage them to genuinely want to engage with you.

Here are five surefire techniques that are guaranteed to promote your Facebook Page:

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Invite Family, Friends, Colleagues to Like Your Page

Build your client base starting with your own network – your family, friends, and colleagues. These are the people who know and trust you so if you ask them to support you by liking and sharing your page, they will gladly do it. When you’re using desktop, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go directly to your Facebook Page. Hover your mouse on the left menu and find “Community” and click it. You may have to click on “See More” in order to find it.
  • Once you’re on the Community page, you will find on the right side of the search box it will say, “Invite your friends to like (name of your page)”.
  • Once you’re in the search box you can start typing the names of your friends to invite them to like your page.
  • Navigate to your homepage and you will find in the column on the right that says Invite your friends to like this Page”.

Create Engaging, Original and Quality Content on Your Page

Once you’re done inviting your friends to strive to consistently upload engaging and original content on your Facebook page. You see, the people who have liked your page are expecting to see more of you and that’s what you need to do.

  • Make sure to post links to your page of compelling blog posts from your website, come up with engaging polls and educational infographics. You may also share content from other websites or pages as well.
  • Post updates (holiday sales, coupons, freebies) and other information that your audience may find valuable.

When you are consistent in posting original and quality content on your page you will attract shares, comments, and likes. What started out as a community of familiar faces (friends and family) will eventually grow into a community of like-minded people who share similar interests.

Engage with Your Audience

As simple as engaging with your audience will go a long way. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and not to mention cost-effective ways to promote your page. How do you engage with your audience? Simple, have a conversation with them, participate in discussions, leave comments and engage in conversational chats. Building your network also means immersing yourself in that community. Let them know that behind that page is a real person who understands and shares their pain.

Create Page Likes Ads

To maximize your Facebook reach try creating Page Likes Ads. This is the kind of ad that allows you to find people who have liked pages that are the same as yours or people whose interests are related to your page. When you do this right, this strategy can increase your reach exponentially. Don’t be intimidated because it’s self-explanatory. You can read Facebook’s guidelines to learn how to do it.

Study the Timing of Your Posts

Even though you are posting engaging content of Facebook whether these are blog posts, graphics or videos if you don’t post them during the times when your audience is online you are only wasting your time because they won’t be able to view it. Make sure you share your posts during the times when your audience is most active on Facebook. You don’t necessarily have to follow the times that work for other pages because your audience is unique so the best way to know when to post is to study your audience. You can use Facebook Insights to determine the times when they are actively scrolling on Facebook.

Promoting your Facebook page on your official website can also help build your brand. Whether you plug it in at the end of a YouTube video or include it at the bottom part of an infographic or just simply mention it in your blog post. When you mention it in your blog make sure that you transition your content towards Facebook to make it sound more natural. You can also include a link to your Facebook Page on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Your Facebook Presence Can Make or Break You

Sure, Facebook is designed to help you connect with family and friends and it allows you to post personal photos and gives you the liberty to speak your mind through Facebook status but apart from this Facebook is actually a very powerful tool that has the capacity to catapult your business.  You just have to know how to use it to your advantage.

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