It’s clear that social media has become a crucial part of any businesses marketing strategy. When executed correctly, Instagram can add to the success of your online business. This platform can be tricky to navigate, but with the proper strategies, you will surely reap the benefits. Here are a few tips for making your Instagram, […]

Videos the hottest thing to hit content marketing in Jacksonville in a while. Visual content is absolutely necessary to engage with online audiences nowadays. And, having a strategy for content marketing in Jacksonville that is specific to video is a must. So, how can make sure that your videos are optimized to get the most […]

You might be wondering if email marketing in West Palm Beach is still important for your business. The answer, yes. By creating a strong email marketing strategy, you are reaching and connecting with your target audience in a personalized way. It will also increase your sales at an affordable cost. As other digital marketing strategies […]

In today’s competitive digital atmosphere, a well-executed content marketing strategy is more important than ever to stand out from the growing crowd. As companies embrace the digital trend, thousands of blogs and webpages are created each and every minute. Sponsored posts are also bombarding social media platforms. Every day, companies must fight to stay in the […]

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it may seem difficult to grab the attention of new customers and clients. To attract new business and to beat out the competition, it is vital to target your audience with content that interests them. When you connect with customers and potential customers through information and content, your business is […]

Facebook is arguably the greatest social media platform for businesses and their social media marketing. From customer-friendly posts to generating ads, Facebook has an array of tools that can get new viewers and potential followers to your page. But, at the root of it all is a fairly simple algorithm that has some defined likes […]

Like many dental practices, you might be unaware of how Facebook ads can benefit your business. Facebook ads are one of the most efficient ways to advertise to potential patients. These ads give you the ability to target specific demographics in an extremely cost-efficient way. Now you can easily and strategically capture an audience from […]

Does your dental practice need a blog? The medical industry may not seem like the ideal candidate for written content at first glance. But, in order for potential clients to find your business, you need to have a strong online presence. That starts with marking your territory online. And, you want that territory to be […]

When it comes to dental business marketing, many practices have a dated strategy. The days of brochures and billboards are long gone. In today’s digital-driven world, its crucial to the success of your business to have a strong Facebook presence. The majority of your patients and potential patients use social media on a daily basis. […]

So, here’s the million dollar question: what are Google rankings based on? The simple answer? A lot of things. In fact, Google’s complex algorithm takes into account more than 200 factors when it ranks search results for a specific query. Luckily for digital marketers, the framework for better ranking on Google has been constructed and […]