Chicago email marketing is a great way to get your business’s products and services in front of both your current and potential customers.  You can tell them about an upcoming promotion, a new service you are offering, or a product you want to showcase. The best part? Email marketing is still growing. Gmail alone has over […]

The fact is most businesses have a presence online, and everyone is competing to be seen. Increasing customer satisfaction is how you elevate your business’ presence, but what is the best way to do that? Live chat allows businesses to instantly connect with the viewer of the web page, fulfilling the customers need for immediate gratification. […]

With the emergence of inbound marketing in the last decade, there is a heated debate in the marketing world. Are the days of outbound marketing over? Which is better? While inbound marketing does have an obvious advantage, outbound still serves an important role in marketing. A focus on inbound marketing has become the norm for […]

If you are considering using yellow pages online for digital marketing, you might want to think again. Print yellow pages (YP) are dead. They are expensive, stale, highly competitive, have a limited reach, and are ineffective. But what about yellow pages online? Yellow page’s digital efforts might seem like a viable marketing plan. Don’t be fooled. […]