There’s a reason why so many businesses market on Facebook. In fact, 95% of businesses who use the platform to market report that Facebook provides them with the best ROI compared to other platforms. However, just because you are advertising on Facebook, your results are not guaranteed. Knowing Facebook Ads best practices can help your […]

Facebook has the potential to bring you a significant amount of business. Too often though, people struggle to find success when it comes to their Facebook ads. Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign is much more than just creating a post. If you aren’t seeing success with your Facebook ad, it could be because you […]

Facebook has millions of users, why aren’t my Facebook ads getting any traction? That’s a valid question. Facebook can be a great opportunity to grow your business and gain new customers if done correctly. If you aren’t seeing any success with your Facebook ads, you might be doing something wrong and not even realizing it. […]

Facebook is everywhere. Think about how much you use Facebook on a daily basis. Now think about how many people have Facebook. With traffic like that, it’s no wonder that it’s the most powerful advertising platform in the world. While a Facebook ad can be a great way to grow your business, it’s important to […]

Facebook ads are a great way spread the word about your website or business. You can reach potentially millions of people and you can do it in a fun and engaging way. When it comes to Facebook ads though, there’s more to it than just creating the ad. It’s also important to consider the type […]

Creating a successful Facebook campaign might seem easy. There are millions of people on Facebook so putting something up on Facebook will guarantee more business, right? Wrong. There is more to running a successful Facebook ad campaign than just putting an add up and forgetting about it. Let’s take a look at some tips for […]

The 1.15 billion users on Facebook present great opportunities for your company’s marketing efforts online. One strategy that a professional West Palm beach Facebook ads company uses for harnessing those sales opportunities is the use of hashtags. Keep reading to learn how your business can do the same! What Does a Hashtag Do? Essentially, hashtags […]

There is yet another Facebook update. This time, it’s going to impact the numbers on your page. But, not to worry! Your post numbers are going to be more accurate than before. So, keep reading to learn more: What Is the Facebook Update? On February 12, Facebook officially changed how they calculate post reach. That […]

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, then there are some key parts of an ad’s anatomy that you should be aware of. Take a look at this list put together by a Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads company. Familiarize yourself with what goes into creating your ads before going live with them on Facebook. 6 Essential […]

The benefits of advertising on Facebook are clear. 95% of businesses that market on Facebook have stated that the social media platform gave them the best return on investment over all other platforms. Additionally, being able to target your audience by location, gender, interests, and so much more means that your money isn’t being wasted. […]