Back in the day, a new Facebook update was powerful. It represented the evolution of a promising new platform for getting your brand in the hands of potential new customers. Nowadays, businesses and advertisers alike are more likely to cringe away from the latest from Facebook HQ. That includes the recent announcement of prioritizing friends […]

Facebook is arguably the greatest social media platform for businesses and their social media marketing. From customer-friendly posts to generating ads, Facebook has an array of tools that can get new viewers and potential followers to your page. But, at the root of it all is a fairly simple algorithm that has some defined likes […]

In recent years, Facebook has taken the time to develop algorithms to regulate what content your fans see when you post on the network. Every so often, the company will release updates to continue to improve the Facebook algorithm, and it may be difficult to keep up with these changes. There are great opportunities on […]

Every time someone visits their News Feed, there are an average of 1500 potential stories waiting to be seen. While no one is interested in reading all 1500 stories, how can they find the ones that are important to them? This is where Facebook Edgerank comes in. The goal of the News Feed is to show […]