Recently, over 1 billion users have active accounts on Facebook, which means Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to reach local customers. Advertising on Facebook is specified regarding where or what businesses market towards any target audiences that relate to their industry. With such a large daily user base, around 1/7th of […]

Creating shareable content is the key to marketing success. Ever wondered how a picture of a funny looking cat went viral in less than 24 hours? It was not by chance. There is a whole process of how the content is created to appeal to a larger audience. When using Facebook for business marketing, marketers […]

Business marketing on Facebook is a great way to grow  your company. Facebook is the number one social media site  with over 1.3 billion users. Despite the huge amount of users, reaching a large audience can become difficult. Don’t worry, there are ways to get your business seen! Here are some ways you can boost your reach and expand your […]

When you are trying to grow your business’ online presence, a normal and necessary step is to get a Facebook business page. Facebook is such an important tool for online marketing, a tool that can really excel your growth if used correctly and effectively. Some business owners running the page get frustrated at times, wondering […]

Facebook engagement is a critical aspect of any social media strategy. Up to 25% of all traffic to websites is now driven by Facebook posts. In the past, just writing a Facebook post and asking for a LIKE, share, or comment was all it took to receive active Facebook engagement on your business page. Today […]