If you haven’t already noticed, Google made some changes to their ad campaigns. Out is Google AdWords. In is Google Ads. That’s just one of the many changes that have been made though to make the entire experience better. Let’s take a look at some of the big changes made to Google Ads in Lake […]

Have you noticed the sponsored results that appear on a Google search engine results page? Those are Google ads, and they can be paid for by businesses to bring more traffic to their websites. So, what exactly are Google ads, how do they work, and why should you run them? Keep reading to find out […]

Since its debut in 2000, the Google ad campaign had been known as Google AdWords. We have talked a lot in this space about everything from how it works to how you can find success when it comes to a Google ad campaign. Well, this week anyone who has run a Google Ads in Highland […]

Google Ads is a powerful tool that allows businesses to temporarily jump ahead in the ranking process. But, not all businesses can afford to use Google Ads all of the time. So, here are a few examples of when you should use paid Google Ads in North Palm Beach.   Campaign Launch One of the […]

Paid online advertising has taken the online marketing industry by storm. However, one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising is Google Ads. With the right strategy and expertise, Google Ads can bring you a variety of new customers that are all looking for your specific service or product. If you are not […]

When was the last time you acted on an ad in the newspaper? Do you still even get a newspaper? Well, the latest news is that the way is digital. Online advertising has so much potential for businesses of all industries. So, if you’re not running Google ads in Palm Beach yet, it’s time to […]

We know it can take a while for your website to rank organically on Google. Google knows it as well. That’s why they offer the ability to buy ad space on their site. A Google ad is essentially a Google listing that is paid for to show up when certain keywords are typed in. By […]

Do you find that, despite your best SEO efforts, you just aren’t showing up high enough in Google searches? Well, while you continue to build your SEO Google gives you another way to show up at the top of a Google search. With Google Ads, you can pay to have your website show up at […]

When it comes to targeting your ideal audience with online marketing in Delray Beach, you may find that your customers come from an array of different backgrounds. That can include speaking different languages. Luckily, with comprehensive targeting strategies, you can create content that hones in on all the niches within your community. So, should you […]

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something on Google, sometimes results will come up that almost seem “featured”? Well, those are Google ads. Those companies are paying money to Google so their website will show up at the top of a Google search. For some companies, they have been told to stay […]