Facebook is the most popular social media channel for digital marketers producing content Instagram provides the second-highest ROI for marketing efforts Increasing brand exposure is the most commonly cited benefit of social media marketing Cultivating a social media presence for your business can seem like throwing wet spaghetti against the wall – trying to see […]

Hashtags add a boost to your social media marketing in Jacksonville. They increase your exposure and make it easier for users to find you online. So, how do you get started with hashtags? First, you need to know what they are! What are Hashtags? Think of hashtags as a filing system for content on the […]

Chances are that if you spend time online nowadays, you have seen hashtags used before. This interesting tool came about as a user-innovation but was later adopted by Twitter and other social media platforms as a resource to categorize, search, and group together specific words. Historically, the first time a hashtag was used to categorize […]

From optimizing one’s website to advancing one’s search engine optimization, digital marketing is anything but simple. With the vast opportunity that the Internet provides marketers, one must strategically plan out an internet marketing strategy for his or her business.  And social media should be a big part of every internet marketing strategy. In fact, 81% […]

When it comes to bringing in more business, your marketing strategy is everything. That’s why we have a convenient checklist for your 2017 marketing strategy. If you’ve reviewed it, you know that social media is a big part of the list. Your South Florida social media marketing is important for a lot of reasons, and […]

Utilizing twitter engagement is a great marketing strategy for any business. With over 320 million people using twitter, companies of all different sizes aim for twitter engagement daily in an attempt to turn followers into sales. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses don’t know how to engage effectively on twitter. Simply firing off tweets isn’t necessarily […]

Last week it happened again: there will be a new Instagram update. The new Instagram update consists of an algorithm that will shift the content in your feed “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” The old Instagram feed was chronological. The new […]

Instagram is a critical network for social media marketing. This image-sharing app is no longer just important for retailers, restaurants, or travel companies – but since it’s the most effective brand-building network in social media marketing today, Instagram is critical for every type of business. Unfortunately, just having an Instagram account doesn’t automatically improve your […]

Hashtags gained their popularity on Twitter but have now made their way to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people just add hashtags to their posts without even thinking about it, but there are much more to hashtags than you may think. Hashtags can be very beneficial in increasing engagement […]