When it comes to SEO optimization, images can be just as important as the words that they accompany. Many people spend so much time worrying about making their content SEO friendly that they neglect the images. Here are some helpful tips for strategic use of images in SEO. Use Descriptive Words When Naming Your Images […]

Anyone can design a website nowadays. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that website is visually appealing or effective. Miami web design is more complex than culling cool images and putting some killer copy in there. Your website is a piece of modern-day rhetoric. You need to convince your audience to perform a task, which is […]

Over one billion people use Facebook. They are searching for, engaging with and posting content every single day. Think of all that advertising potential. Those people could be viewing – or better yet, interacting – with your ad. But, a web marketing company employs several different strategies to get the most return on investment from […]

By now you’ve probably see the buzz phrase “Content Marketing” around the internet. Many small business owners are wondering how they can implement content marketing into their marketing strategy to reach new audiences. There is a lot of time that goes into perfecting and optimizing West Palm Beach content marketing. Keep reading to learn the […]

Today, it seems like a daunting task to keep up with South Florida Facebook marketing. There are important things to remember when managing your business account that is vital to your success. You want to compel not repel customers on Facebook. If you want to know how to break through the Facebook clutter without annoying […]

Designing and maintaining your company website is a challenging task. Your company website should clearly communicate with your audience what your business does and why they do it. If this isn’t clear your website needs some work. Here are seven tips to improve your website design Miami. 7 Tips to Improve Website Design Miami 1. […]

As a business, your website is an important factor in generating leads and sales. Most businesses neglect their website because they are unsure how to maintain our design them. This is a huge mistake. Most people who would find your business are guaranteed to visit your website first before visiting your location. Your website needs […]

Is your business on Instagram yet? It should be. You don’t have to be a large company to get engagement on Instagram. Instagram is a great place to share interesting photos from your business with users. Whether you are new to Instagram or you need a strategy update you’ll find five tips below to help […]

Using the correct image sizes on the different social media platforms can have a HUGE impact on your business. The need for a strong social media presence is soaring in 2016. This is why you must keep your business profiles optimized with the right images. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media images, one size […]