By Sunday, March 22, 24 out of 50 cities most affected by COVID-19 faced significant cut hours for hourly employees according to Homebase By March 29, more than 50% of businesses were not operating in major cities: Las Vegas, Pittsburg, and San Fransisco (Homebase) Content marketing generates 3x as many leads than paid advertising and […]

According to a Harvard Business Study, people with goals are 10x more successful People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than those without IBM found that 72% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy Happy New Year! Right now, the next 12 months are shiny and bright – and so is your […]

The success of a restaurant in today’s world goes beyond the location’s daily operations. The necessity for a restaurant to have a strong online presence is vital to its success, long-term performance, and even survival. A restaurant can have the best food in the world yet will still fail if it goes unnoticed. The following […]

Optimizing your maps online is essential for local search engine optimization. Detroit maps optimization will allow you to appear properly in local search results. When someone searches for a business type using their smartphone, tablet, or computer, they will receive a list of local businesses with their exact location. Getting on that list is what […]

Acquiring new customers for your brick-and-mortar store is difficult without a strong, active presence in the internet world.  The best way to get new customers is to improve your local SEO. To help you, we put together a guide you can use improve your New York City local SEO. Start with Keyword Research The first […]

Growing your business can be tricky, overwhelming, and confusing. The first few years are the hardest being that about two thirds of businesses survive two years in business. Try taking these steps to reach a larger audience to further promote your company with internet marketing west palm beach. If you need a little more assistance, […]

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO as many call it, isn’t just about small businesses anymore. Almost any business, no matter the size or the number of locations it has, can benefit from utilizing local SEO strategies. When the time comes to create your businesses’ digital strategy, remember that local is important. Creating a […]

All businesses need websites, and all websites need SEO. Now, all local businesses that have websites need local SEO.  Local SEO includes all of the Search Engine Optimization with which you enhance your website locally. In other words, you enhance your business’s website to rank high on local search results. You do not have to compete […]