If your business is devoting time and money to a high SEO ranking, it is important to consider what can harm your reputation. While some things may only hurt your ranking a small amount, serious violations of Googles rules can be detrimental to your online presence forever. Search engine optimization is a method of increasing […]

With the obvious power of a social media presence, we are seeing more and more companies use these tools to help their business. While it may seem like posting and liking other user’s comments is all there is to social media marketing, it goes much deeper than that. There are rules in place to keep […]

If you’re not familiar with internet marketing, you probably hired a company to take on the digital world for you. After all, they should be professionals in the field and know the top online marketing tactics and tools. But what if we told you there are actually a lot of West Palm Beach internet marketing […]

If your business is on social media, then you probably have a social media strategy – why you created the pages and what you expect to gain from them. Though many businesses may think they have a strong social media strategy, there are many common mistakes they are making that are negatively affecting their social […]