There are only so many hours in a day. So, although social media is great for generating leads and boosting SEO, it does take a lot of time to maintain. You may only have enough time to manage one or two platforms. Most businesses have at least a Facebook page. So, putting that platform aside, […]

Social media advertisements have proven to drive some great action from current followers and potential customers. However, some platforms tend to be more successful than others. Pinterest ads aren’t always deemed important for social media marketing in Nashville. But, depending on your brand, they may hold some value for you. So, keep reading to learn […]

While social media marketing might seem as simple as posting to your Facebook or Twitter, there is a lot more that goes into a successful Detroit social media marketing plan. This blog will give you the background knowledge needed to successfully use social media as an effective marketing technique. What You Need to Know About […]

In recent years, we have seen Pinterest emerge as a valuable tool for visual searches, and if used properly your business can capitalize on this. As with any search engine, it is possible to tailor your content to be discovered quicker, successfully driving traffic to your web page from the pin. There are over 100 […]

Pinterest is an important step in boosting your SEO ranking on Google. Many businesses are implementing Pinterest into their SEO practices because of its impressive track record. There are 150 million active Pinterest users across the world, 50 billion+ pins, 1 billion+ boards. Boosting your SEO helps to make your business more visible and in […]

Is your business present on social media? If not, then it should be! Every year, social media plays an increasingly important role for businesses in every industry imaginable. Social media users have risen by 176 million just in the last year. The benefits of social media make it not merely an option for your business, […]

So you’re establishing your business’s presence on social media, boosting content on Facebook and staying on top of Twitter trends. Now you’re turning your attention to Pinterest. You might already be a casual pinner in your personal life. In regards to your business, however, you’re asking yourself one question. Is Pinterest worth including in your […]

A social media strategy is important for any business. Not only does social media contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), it’s also just important to be where your customers are. So with more than a million active social media users, that place is on social media platforms. For a business that is based off of […]

Social media provides a fantastic avenue for businesses to build their client base. However, the sheer amount of social networking sites out there today leaves some a little overwhelmed. Where do you begin? Which platforms should you utilize in your internet marketing strategy? The following should help you get a good idea of what some of the […]

Pinterest is a great social media platform for businesses of any industry or size! Dentists, restaurants, stores, etc. can all benefit from a Pinterest business account. Pinterest is a great marketing tool, as you can ‘pin’ your services and products to different ‘boards’ on your page. But more than just creating a Pinterest business account, it’s important to […]