If your business is devoting time and money to a high SEO ranking, it is important to consider what can harm your reputation. While some things may only hurt your ranking a small amount, serious violations of Googles rules can be detrimental to your online presence forever. Search engine optimization is a method of increasing […]

As a business owner, there are many steps you can take to generate more sales for your company. You can build a great website, grow your social media presence and use online advertising methods. But one of the most effective ways to generate more sales is to get your website higher in Google’s search results. […]

You finally did it, you achieved a great SEO ranking. Your website is listed first on Google, Yahoo, and all other search engines. You worked hard to reach this top spot. Do not make the mistake and think that SEO is done. Once you get a great SEO ranking, you have to maintain it. Earning […]