The benefits of advertising on Facebook are clear. 95% of businesses that market on Facebook have stated that the social media platform gave them the best return on investment over all other platforms. Additionally, being able to target your audience by location, gender, interests, and so much more means that your money isn’t being wasted. […]

Running the social media for your company may seem like a huge task. Between growing your business, generating leads, and building brand awareness, sometimes it’s overwhelming. Fortunately, our Orlando social media marketing company can offer you steps to take advantage of everything social media has to offer. Social media marketing should be effective and affordable. […]

One of the most important strategies for any part of successful business dealings is listening to the audience. This is especially true for social media marketing in Boston. For your company to succeed on social media, start off on the right foot and listen to yours. Why Does It Pay to Listen? Globally, the typical […]

Social media platforms and tactics are ever changing. It’s important for businesses to prioritize what’s working and to drop what’s not. One thing that often gets overlooked in all of the detail is a more general approach to social media marketing in Los Angeles for businesses and entrepreneurs. What should businesses be thinking about? Should […]

Social media channels have changed the game when it comes to customer interaction. Long gone are the days of customers sending in letters to file a complaint over an issue. Customers don’t want to even take the time out of their day to call a company to give them feedback. Not when they can take 30 […]

There was a time that social media was considered a passing fad and something that businesses couldn’t really benefit from.  That time is over. Out of the 3 billion Internet users, over 2 billion of them have social media accounts.  It is no longer an optional tactic for businesses. Social media must be a part […]