Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed major social media platforms promoting new features that revolve around live streaming. It is a great way for brands to drive revenue and engage with more users. Nowadays, there is more live content functionality being rolled out regularly and more businesses are jumping on the […]

When it comes to your Chicago social media marketing strategy, there is a lot to consider. Most of it can be boiled down to a science. But other aspects, like social media posts, involve ingenuity and imagination. What exactly should your business post on social media? Keep reading to find out! 5 Great Post Ideas for […]

From optimizing one’s website to advancing one’s search engine optimization, digital marketing is anything but simple. With the vast opportunity that the Internet provides marketers, one must strategically plan out an internet marketing strategy for his or her business.  And social media should be a big part of every internet marketing strategy. In fact, 81% […]

When implementing social media marketing ideas for your business, you’re missing something crucial if you don’t know how to use a call-to-action. You work hard towards a strong social media fan base for a reason; you want the power to influence your fans do something. From ordering your product or service to visiting your website or […]