Whether you’re selling athletic apparel or an after-school tutoring program, if your small business is not utilizing videos you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Showcase your company in a personal way by using a video marketing production.  Let’s take a look at how your small business can increase user engagement and improve brand trust […]

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about new social media tactics is video. Video has become one of the best ways to engage and retain viewership. Much more so than a simple status update. For example, Facebook video on average reaches 135% more Facebook users organically than a photo does […]

74% of businesses on social media use visual assets in their marketing. It is important to consider this statistic when thinking about your own West Palm Beach content marketing strategy. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text alone. So, what does that mean in terms of your content? It means that your […]

Every step of your digital marketing strategy should be optimized to generate leads. So, starting with Ft Lauderdale web design, you can attract new potential customers regularly with engaging and informational content. Here are six elements of a well-designed website that is sure to bring new visitors that will quickly turn into an acquisition: Map […]

Every business can produce value-driven content. But by incorporating video into your Miami social media marketing, you will see an increase in online visibility, shares, and retention. Attention spans on social media are inherently short. However, video is an easy way to grab your consumers while allowing your business to be imaginative with its social […]

By 2019, video is projected to claim over 80 percent of web traffic. Yes – all Internet traffic. Video can also boost click through rates up to 300 percent. So, why isn’t Orlando content marketing even more heavily concentrated on video? Good question. Video is indisputably the fastest growing content marketing tool right now. And the […]

When advertisements became available on Snapchat for business, few people were happy about it. This social media platform had already introduced a place for media outlets to post stories, but that at least was out of the way. However, Snapchats ads have opened up a new world for business social media marketing strategy. Snapchat ads […]

Instagram has gone through many changes since its introduction in 2010. One of their most recent developments is the implementation of Boomerang. These new Instagram marketing tools are a great opportunity for businesses like yours to connect with customers in a new and exciting way. As a business, it is important to keep your marketing […]

Has your business thought about adding video marketing into its current marketing strategy? Video content is highly valued and many consumers are looking for how to videos. Videos are a great marketing arena for your business to break into because of your customers’ desire for them. People are highly visual and being able to demonstrate how […]

Businesses are always trying to implement the newest South Florida web development trends into their website design. Many businesses make the mistake of designing their website but not updating it when new trends gain traction. This can lead to your business losing out on potential sales. Keep reading to learn the top 2017 web design […]