Voice search is already becoming a major part of our everyday lives. There are home voice speakers and phone voice searches that answer our commands by simply asking a question. Therefore, it is important that your business is optimized for online voice searches. Take a look at our tips from the best Google ads agency! […]

Remember in the 2000s when everyone got those nifty earpieces that allowed them to talk on the phone handsfree without speakerphone? Nine out of ten times, you’d think they’re talking to you – except they weren’t. Well, history was bound to repeat itself. Nowadays, using voice command in public is becoming increasingly popular. So, should […]

In the evolution of quick fixes, a time has come where you don’t even need to type into a search form to get an answer. Rather, we’re in the early stages of having full on conversations with our devices. If you’ve been looking for innovative ways to step up your Orlando local SEO, optimizing for […]