Tampa Content Marketing | What Makes a Great Business Blog?

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If your business hasn’t devised a content marketing strategy, you need to do so immediately. 32% of marketers rank outbound marketing practices, such as paid advertising, as the top waste of time and resources. Develop your Tampa content marketing strategy and reap the benefits of inbound marketing by starting a business blog.

Already have a business blog? Great! Keep reading to see what assets will take your blog from mediocre to superior.

4 Qualities to Improve Your Tampa Content Marketing

1. Consistency with Business Goals

What can I do for better Tampa content marketing?

Your content should always have your business agenda in mind. That being said, your blog should be informative and purposeful. Each blog is an opportunity to drive your business into the minds of your customers and promote your products or services. You should aim to break down current industry trends and address your audience’s needs. At the same time, show your audience that your business fulfills those needs better than other companies.

At the end of the day, Tampa content marketing is about generating better leads and customer retention. Engage your audience by producing blogs that your audience will feel connected to. Focus efforts on that audience engagement. The more connected your readers feel to your content, the more driven they will be to share it with others. Remember why you have a business blog and create content that encourages readers to take in your content regularly and create customer loyalty. If you’re lucky, you can even gain brand ambassadors.

2. Brand Authenticity

When writing your blogs, consider your company culture. If a certain topic doesn’t fit with your business philosophy then rethink writing about it. Even the way you write about topics should be consistent with your company voice. Is your company conservative? Playful? Knowing your company voice will go a long way when connecting with your audience.

Nailing the voice of your business helps in setting you apart from the competition. Many businesses can blog about the same thing. But by having your own voice, you sound like a leader in the industry instead of saying what everyone else is. As an added bonus, your industry knowledge will be trusted and your brand will seem more credible.

So, the goal is to provide authentic thought leadership that explores topics within your voice. This way your business can be relatable, trustworthy, and individualistic. Your blogs should be straightforward and consistent. But keep it interesting and don’t deviate from the tone that makes your business unique.

3. Focused Content


Focus on non-branded keyword content in your company blog. If you have spent some time optimizing your website then your business probably ranks well in search engines for your company name and related terms. Instead of blogging about your company and products, you should be writing about industry practices and answering common customer questions about higher level product issues. This type of content will help increase search traffic and drive better quality prospects to your business’ website.

4. Playing to Your Audience

Any well thought-out marketing strategy should involve a business identifying its audience. Without knowing who you are marketing to, you have zero chance of creating content that educates, entertains and converts them. After clearly defining your target audience, you can market directly to them with tailored blog content.

Establish different personas for your potential blog readers. Figure out potential locations, occupations, incomes and daily motivations of your audience. Then, you can get into the minds of your audience to write blogs that appeal to them.

Better yet, tailor content for them by asking what your readers want. It is easy to get caught up in the type of information you think is interesting. But assumptions can be wrong. Try obtaining feedback from readers. Strengthen your Tampa content marketing by asking for comments on your blogs. Or ask for future topic suggestions in your blog closing.

How can I make my Tampa content marketing blogs better?


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Tayler is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied multimedia journalism, English, and psychology. She brings extensive writing knowledge to our team and over ten years of customer service experience. Tayler is ready to provide businesses with quality content that helps to build consumer satisfaction and rapport.

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