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Every time I open my inbox I’m shocked by how many people want to communicate with me. People must really want to hear from me, right? Well… not really. Roughly 75% of my emails are newsletters advertising a product or service I’m not interested in. Most of the time I scroll right through the spam, but every now and then I open something that really attracts my attention. With my eyes glued to the screen, I realize I might be addicted to quality content. We are all addicted to quality content, that’s why we read the news, blogs, and marketing emails. Tampa e-mail marketing can be an extremely effective marketing tool if executed correctly. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to get people to click on, read, and share your marketing emails. How Can Tampa E-Mail Marketing Improve leads

Tampa E-Mail Marketing and Subject Lines

If it looks like spam and smells like spam, it’s probably spam. The subject line ultimately determines whether people are going to open your marketing email or send it to the trash folder. If the subject line in your marketing email is trying to sell you something, people are going to ignore it. They already know that the full email is just an extended version of their subject line sales pitch. However, if your subject line includes something catchy or personal there is a much higher chance people will read it.

How can Tampa Email Marketing Generate Leads

Creating a Personal Connection in the Subject Line

There are two effective techniques that will practically force readers to open your email. The first is to create a personal connection. Every time you receive an email that isn’t spam, you know that someone took the time to personalize the message specifically for you. You can create this personal connection with your reader if you include a subject line that sounds like it came from a real person like “Getting Started” or “Following Up”. This personalization makes readers curious (what are we getting started with or following up on?) and ultimately leads to your email being read. When I see emails with subject lines like “****50%! Off ASDFGHJKL LIMITED TIME****”, I send it to the trash folder faster than it got into my inbox. Simple subject lines are the key to personalization.

Reverse Psychology in the Subject Line

Another effective technique is to tell readers not to do something. For example, Manicube sends out marketing emails with “Don’t open this email” in the subject line. People are great at doing things they’re not supposed to do. Their curiosity is almost too strong not to open the email, especially when they don’t know the specifics of the email or where it came from. If your subject line gets people curious, they will open the email.

There are countless ways to convince readers to open your marketing emails. However, effective marketing emails contain attractive content that keeps the reader’s attention once the email is opened. The marketing experts at Digital Resource can assist you with Tampa e-mail marketing, content creation, SEO, web design, live chat, maps optimization, AdWords, social media, and much more digital marketing channels. Give us a call at 561-429-2585 for more information on our digital marketing services.



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