Tampa Facebook Ads | 25 Mind-Blowing Statistics

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There’s a reason why social media is such a huge aspect of internet marketing. It’s an effective way to increase brand awareness, it pushes traffic towards your business and it creates strong connections with your customers. While most social media networks have their own advertising systems, Facebook trumps them all. Facebook advertising dominates in terms of features, insights, audience and reach. So as a Tampa business owner, you should be using Tampa Facebook ads to your advantage. But as with any paid marketing effort, one question remains: are Facebook ads really worth spending the money on? Our answer is yes. Here are 25 mind-blowing statistics to show you why:

tampa facebook ads stats

  1. Facebook is the most popular social media platform.
  2. 9 percent the entire world’s population uses Facebook.
  3. There are approximately 1.44 billion people actively using Facebook each month.
  4. Of those 1.44 billion people, 1.25 billion of them use Facebook on their mobile devices.
  5. 79 percent of those who use the internet in the United States are using Facebook.
  6. 8 percent of daily Facebook users are from places outside of the United States and Canada.
  7. 82 percent of people in the United States aged 18 to 29 use Facebook.
  8. 79 percent of people in the United States aged 30 to 49 use Facebook.
  9. 56 percent of people in the United States aged 65 and older use Facebook.
  10. People will spend an average of 40 minutes per day browsing things on Facebook.
  11. The average Facebook user has 155 friends.
  12. 62 percent of marketers prefer to use Facebook over other social media networks.
  13. Over 50 million companies have a business page on Facebook.
  14. 19 million of those companies optimize their business pages for mobile use.
  15. 49 percent of Facebook users will like a page to support a brand they are interested in.
  16. The posts on a Facebook business page will organically reach around 2 percent of fans.
  17. In the year 2016, there was a 52 percent decline in the organic reach on Facebook.
  18. From the year 2015 to the year 2016, there was a 50 percent growth in Facebook advertising.
  19. There are about 5 million active Facebook advertisers today.
  20. 75 percent of brands pay to promote their Facebook posts on their business pages.
  21. 93 percent of social media marketers use Facebook advertising.
  22. The average cost of a Facebook ad with one thousand impressions is $7.29.
  23. 69 percent of Facebook ads link to a custom landing page.
  24. Facebook accounts for over 9 percent of all digital advertising.
  25. The average price of a Facebook ad is going up by 9 percent every year.

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As you can see, Facebook advertising is a powerful way to market your business online, and it’s only getting more powerful with time. There’s a good reason why so many businesses are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, and your business can hop on too. Get started on your Tampa Facebook ads with the assistance of Digital Resource. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can offer your business a wide range of Facebook ad services designed for your unique needs and goals. So don’t hesitate any longer! Outshine your Facebook competition by contacting us today! We would love to assist in the growth of your business!

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