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There’s no doubt that more and more businesses are featuring live chat on their websites. More and more customers are using live chat to receive answers to their questions. In fact, in a recent study, 90% of customers said that they find live chat on a website to be helpful. Check out the reasons why customers love live chat according to a Tampa live chat company.


One of the main benefits of live chat is that it’s convenient for your business and your customer. At any time, a customer can go to your website, and receive service conveniently. This convenience can be the difference between a customer completing a transaction or not. Consider that 44% of consumers who shop online report that having questions answered in the middle of making a purchase is one of the most important features of a website.

Where can I find the best Tampa live chat company?


Along with convenience comes speed. Customers are able to receive answers quickly. As soon as a customer logs onto a website, there is an opportunity to have their question answered. This is much quicker and more efficient than having to call customer service.

Personal Service

With live chat, a customer can receive personal service that gets to the root of their problem. Some may think that live chat is much less personal than a phone call. However, many live chat services allow you to customize your chat window with a picture of the agent. In addition, the responses are not always automated. This allows a real service agent to answer a customer’s question with a personal touch.

Where can I find the best Tampa live chat company?

Finding a Tampa Live Chat Company

Making sure your consumers love your website is essential for creating leads and customer loyalty. This means listening to your target market. Contact Digital Resource, a Tampa live chat company, to integrate this beneficial on your website.

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