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As a business, you have probably heard about local SEO by now. It focuses on the marketing needs of a brick and mortar business, businesses that have multiple locations and offices looking to be found locally. It is crucial that your business is optimized for local search engine marketing. To get a better understanding of how local SEO optimization will play into your online marketing efforts, you need to understand how the modern day consumer searches and shops in today’s world. Our Tampa local SEO company will lay out all the various factors that come into play for an effective SEO strategy.

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Local SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight

There is no such thing as “instant” local SEO. Our Tampa local SEO company has a ton of experience in this area and we know that SEO takes time. There is no way around that. There are so many factors that have to collaborate to make SEO operate. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and doesn’t always tell marketers about the adjustments. Furthermore, it changes so often that it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of it entirely. Using data from SEO specialists, educated decisions can be made regarding any adjustments that need to be made.

The Modern Day Consumer

In today’s world, more than 125 million US consumers are walking around with smartphones. It’s safe to say mobile phones have drastically changed the way we live our lives. Additionally, that includes the way we interact with brands as well. If you think you’re the only one who likes to watch Netflix while simultaneously scrolling through Instagram, think again. Accessing two different two different types of content with two different devices is the norm now. The results of this behavior for brands are more something to just consider. At this point, omnichannel marketing strategies are imperative. If you want to connect with your consumers, you need to be visible on more than one platform.

List Your Business with a Tampa Local SEO Company

There are thousands of different places that you can list your business online. Essentially, creating local business listings is the key component of any local SEO campaign. Today, consumers have a ton of options to choose from. However, search engines make it extremely easy for them by allowing them to enter a couple of keywords. To ensure satisfaction, search engines process massive amounts of data. By doing this, they are able to serve up the most relevant and best-reviewed option depending on the consumer’s location. A trusted business has a better chance of being displayed on Google or other search engines.

The Importance of Reviews

Not only do reviews drive a higher click-through rate to your site, but they are listed on search engine results page results (SERPs). Moreover, reviews play a critical role in determining the ranking of Google’s local SEO results. Getting people to leave a review can be extremely easy. For instance, place a call to action on at your check out counter (physical or digital).  You also have the option to bring it up while conversing with customers.

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While it’s true that local SEO is never an overnight game, it’s something your business should be investing in. If you want to see heightened results, we suggest contacting our Tampa Local SEO company to ensure everything is don’t correctly. When you set realistic goals and understand how and why SEO functions the way it does, you can get the biggest possible return on your investment. Contact us today to get started on your business’s local SEO campaign.

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