Tampa Local SEO | How Can I SEO for My Multi-Location Business?

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If you are opening several locations for your business, chances are you’re doing pretty well. But, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital functionality are still vital for brick-and-mortar stores. When you own a multi-location business, Tampa local SEO can help customers find all of your locations as it best suits them.

Do not overlook the significance of your digital presence as the owner of a multi-location company. Instead, make some small efforts and adjustments to your digital marketing strategy and truly get the most out of your patrons.

Location Pages

how can i design my website for tampa local seo

If you have more than one brick-and-mortar location, you may want to consider designing your website to reflect that. You can easily start this by making a “Locations” section of the site and then build out your specific addresses. Should you have hundreds and thousands of locations – to the point where a new page for each one is unrealistic – break it down by region.

This will make it easier for customers to find their nearest location. It also allows you to break down any local content (see below) under each page. This method of organizations is simply easier to follow for you, website crawlers that determine your ranking and your customers.

You can also opt to make specific social media pages for each of your locations. You can then have general posts that can be posted to all pages, in addition to location-specific content.

Google My Business

how can tampa local seo help my business

Google My Business is one of the most convenient ways for customers to get basic information that they need about your locations. You can submit to have your business under Google My Business and verify multiple locations. Customers can then be referred to their nearest store front.

As a business owner, you can provide potential customers with information, including your business hours, address, contact information and even images of your business locations. Viewers will also be able to read reviews from past clients and customers. This helps them decide if they want to visit you, and also gives you some insight into what people are thinking regarding your different locations.

Local Content

how can i build tampa local seo content for a multi-location business

Depending on the size of your company, posting local content can be tricky. However, if you have created separate location pages on your website, this can be easier to divide and conquer. Posting location-specific content to all of these pages still allows search engines to crawl your site for SEO-friendly content. At the same time, it makes your website informational while staying easily navigable.

To start building out this local content, curate a list of keywords and a list of locations to focus on. You can then write a post about each keyword in each location. From there, you can continue to evolve and figure out what type of contest is best for each place.

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